Weeks got by I can say things are doing fine with the guys, only if you know how to control the "little things". For example, It’s a must to be prepared by michael’s pranks after he loses at video games to a girl, or to pretend to be asleep while ashton tip toes to your room in the middle of the night because he always gets nightmares at least a few times a night every week, or to resist being annoyed by calum that always insists to brush or comb your hair after you’re done taking a bath, and maybe the most burdened thing ever, being forced to listen and laugh to luke’s jokes every day. and so it hit me, being 5SOS’ bodyguard doesn’t mean just a bodyguard.

another thing bothering me is that the new specialized weapons black curves’ promised in the normad incident hasn’t been delivered to me and i don’t know when they’re sending it, it worries me because what if a box of death tempting materials arrives surprisingly at the door and then one of these brainless and senseless idiots goes opening them up out of their shitty curiosity and then the whole world blows up. What if?

the organization should be smarter than my mind right now to figure out something to send those things to me without blowing my cover.

the microwave oven alarmed, finished heating the overloaded cheese and bacon pizza that is made by yours truly, me. i get a thick rug to grab the hot plate and run-walk directly to my room, placing the plate on the table beside my bed and jumping on my bed, grabbing the remote and then finally taking a bite of my heavenly masterpiece.

but just when i was all comfortable with my position, I forgot to get the coke I saved on the fridge. Yes, saved. i warned them that if they try to touch my coke, I’m sending the surgeon right away. going around the wall surrounding the kitchen, I head towards the fridge, opening it and grabbing the coke.

now this time, running back my room, I almost dropped my coke seeing michael carrying a suit case with a weapon in his other hand, probably curious of what’s it’s used for. yeah, this was happening. my mouth was open, and my mind was floating around the air. how the hell am I getting out of this now?!

“mikey don’t touch that!” i yelled, gasping when he squirmed in surprisement almost dropping the gun.

“wh- I, did you just call me mikey?” he asks, almost sounding cheeky, twirling the weapon with his fingers as my eyes were still glued to the movement of his hands.

and then I had this crazy idea given by my subconscious, to seduce my way out of here, after all, she says, you’ve got them all wrapped around your fingers. and… no, I’m not doing that shit.

“yeah and I’m going to rip your balls off if you’re thinking of something perverted with the content of me saying that as a kink.” I rolled my eyes at him, as his lips started to form a curve.

“well, are you really that desperate to get in my pants already?” he tilted his head.

I sighed in frustration, “you know what,” stepping closer to him, I immediately snatch the weapon from his hand, “I’m gonna take care of this, maybe the mailman got the wrong address, so um, you go carry on with whatever you like doing, whether it’s being a cocky son of a bitch or watching people shag each other, I don’t care just go.”

“but—“ I shut the door on his face before he could finish and lock it. I let out a deep and long sigh while my back rested flat on the wood. What a stupid organization.

Quickly, I hid the case under my bed, probably the safest? – place I could hide things. As soon as I finished my snack, I took a quick shower and tip toed my way out my room.

Since I knew at this certain time, the boys were flattening their asses off from sitting playing video games, I was comfortable on wearing gym shorts and a tank top that drops just a few inches shorter than my bottom. But then again, my luck runs out every time, remembering I left the little hand gun at the kitchen beside the oven. Stupid.

I ran, hoping nobody was there—and my luck fails me again—I peek on humming luke making his cold coffee and I spot the hand gun, probably he doesn’t see it.

I tip toed once again, waiting for him to turn the other way, to reach out for the gun—when luke turns around and squirmed violently in shock losing grip on his glass dropping it whilst his feet squirmed with his body, he steps on the wet mess and loses balance and i knew his hands were going to grab onto the counter beside him for support and if he does that, his hands are going to grab the gun as well, so I sprinted towards him—even though he was just a few inches away—grabbed the counter for him to reach for the gun which I successfully do, putting my hands under his arms that goes through his back (the image is like hugging him but hell I only did it for support and cover) and maybe his left hand just got a bit misplaced because… it had a tight grip on my ass.

The silent corner of the kitchen counter was filled by heavy breaths and eye contact, and again, our faces were a pinch away from kissing each other.

“luke! the game’s waiti—” an annoyed voice trailed after seeing how wrong our position was as both mine and luke’s head turns to jaw-dropped calum, michael, and ashton. I quickly take my weight to myself and put my hands on my back, sliding it at the back of my shorts as I look at the confused lane of men.

“wow, luke, we underestimated you.” Calum coughs, rubbing the back of his neck.

“didn’t know you had that in your nature,” ashton as well, comments, and I expect this day to end really humiliatingly therefore, I need not more of the feedback they have to say so when I saw michael’s mouth starting to open, I hold my finger up to stop him and he does.

You might think, oh, megan’s the cool type of girl, she’d never be embarrassed or something, and if she would be, she’d find a way to get out of that situation simply without losing her cool! But no, there is no in a certain way of ‘simple’ I could get out this easily. And just about as my thoughts were starting to comfort myself, I stepped on the spilled coffee when I took my first step to get out of it.

Leaving me flat on my ass, it led to biting my lip after sighing and on fours, I groaned aggressively and rolled my eyes for the whole fucking world to see, how fed up I am already and I need it to stop before my hemophage veins pop out and my guts explode. And because I was still in the sticky pool of caffeine, I sit up then got to my knees as I tie my hair then stood up with my hand on my ass.

“my buns had enough assault for this day, now if you excuse me,”

I glare at them once again yet they were still in their unfunctioned minds, then I walked slowly to my room, “All I was going to say was…” michael’s voice trailed, “nice shorts.”

That was before I shut the door hard, like literally really hard. I think I broke the hinges. All of them.


shitty update. and a dirty one too. a late one as well. this chapter was inspired by the admirable and heavenly ass of luke robert hemmings-- that was featured in the grand canyon. yes, it was a beautiful day for the 5sos fam

btw xx

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