Chapter 15

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My eyes became heavy and before I knew it, I was drifting off to sleep.

Alesa's POV

I slowly opened my eyes to a wincing pain in my left shoulder. My eyes slowly flung open. I wish they hadn't. In front of me...a man. Looked about 6 feet tall. Had on a black t-shirt with some kind of signal on it. It looked like a bunch of arrows...all leading back to Eachother. I wonder what that meant. I didn't know what this was. Was it a dream?? What is going on. The last thing I remeber was drifting to sleep last night. I looked to my right, not knowing what to do. Shaking of frightment. I see a pale girl, yellow face. Something was wrong with her. Her eyes were open and Staring up to the ceiling. Not a familiar face. The girl slowly turned, no words came out of her mouth. Just silence. I tried to open my mouth to speak...but nothing came out.

*fade out*

I slowly woke up. I just had the worst dream. I don't even know what happened but I guess the purge with a stalker creeping on you isn't the best combination. I remeber that cameron and them went to the Place last night. I run downstairs to see if they're there. The room is empty. There is no one in the house. I moment of panic comes to me. Where is everyone. What happened. Why am I here alone.

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