"Thank you my kind sir," says the cab driver. "Hope you have a wonderful day!"

"No problem! Thank you!" Niall says, smiling at the nice cab man. "You too!"

He grabs his luggage from the trunk and starts making his way to his front door.

Yes, he told Ella he would get home later but he lied. He had to in order for his plan to work.

He unlocks the door using the spare key in the plant where Ella put it. He steps inside and sees his house cleaner than ever. Damn, he's impressed. Well, he shouldn't be so impressed. It was Ella who lived here by herself. What did he expect her? Mess up the entire place? Hah.

He walks to his bedroom to find it tidy also. Looks like Ella changed the bedding too. He puts his luggage next to the dirty hamper, which is empty. She really kept the place clean.

He sees her clothes folded into the piles near a corner. Oh Ella... he smiles to himself. Just the thought of Ella struggling to make her decision whether to take advantage of his absence. Or to keep her clothes apart from his.

Niall checks his phone and sees he has two hours left until Ella gets home. Maybe he should shower and start on his plan.

"Well," he says to himself as he walks to the bathroom. "What if she doesn't like my plan? What if something goes wrong?"

He starts the shower and looks in the mirror. Maybe he should shave too...


Ella says her goodbye to Becky at the end of the day. She's so glad she's done for today and has the next two days off. Becky knew Niall would be home and that's why she gave her the day off.

As Ella walks out of the flower store, she sees a black SUV out by the curb. A man in a suit walks out.

"Are you Ella?" He asks.

"Yes...?" She clutches her bag. "Why?"

"I'm here to take you home. Please don't be scared. I'm really a driver." He laughs and shows her his identification.

"Oh! Okay...who sent you?" She gives him back his ID. This is so weird.

"I can't disclose that. What I can tell you is that even I don't know who sent me. I was just told to come here, pick up an Ella, and drive her home." He smiles and opens the door. "Ready?"

Ella hesitates but she agrees and climbs into the backseat of the SUV.


Okay, so he was telling the truth. He pulls up to Niall's house and opens the door.

"Thank you sir. I will admit that I was bit hesitant. I wasn't sure if you were going to kidnap me." Ella says. "My apologies."

"No problem. Haha, I know it's weird to have some strange man pick you up." He tips his hat at her. "Good day."

Ella nods and makes her way towards the door. She unlocks it and throws her keys into the bowl for the keys.

She checks her phone and sees no message from Niall. Ella walks to the bedroom, unbuttoning her cardigan.

She looks at the door, it's slightly opened. Strange. It's usually closed.

She slowly approaches the door and opens it slowly.

"I'm not going to attack you, well, I might. But I promise I won't kill you." She hears a distinct voice.

"What the fu-" she throws the door open and can't believe her eyes.

"Niall!" She squeals and covers her mouth. He's sitting on the bed with a bouquet of flowers and grinning like a goof.

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