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"Hello Ryan!" I breathed with as much courage I could muster.

"Dear dear Nashia. We meet again. Out so late, I see. Again, notthe best of circumstances huh?" sarcasm so clear in his tone.

"I have to go Ryan," I stepped aside from him and continued to walk through the empty roads.

"Now, where do you think you're going?" his tone made me every muscle freeze.

He grabbed my hand, pulled me back and pushed me against the wall, both hands on either side of the wall closing every chance of my escape.

Now I was scared. Scared to death. I could feel my heart in my throat and my breaths coming fast.

Nothing seemed to go right today and I so didn't want anymore mishaps.

"Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes!" he laughed.

"It's almost midnight, little Nashia! Nobody with you to go home? What are you doing out so late anyway?" he grinned again.

"Ryan, please! Let me go. I didn't even do anything." I said, my voice showing my every fear.

"Well well, you indeed didn't. But you were sneaking. Sneaking isn't a good habit, is it? And - " He stopped mid sentence when he looked back into my eyes. Our eyes locked and I felt a flutter in my stomach.

Im sure he felt it too as I saw those eyes no more ferocious. For a second I thought I saw a hint of sadness and pain. Or was it love and peace?

Before I could comprehend, I felt the warmth of his lips against mine.

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