Apocalypse Rising: Steep Road to Virginia Chapter 4 Unexpected Situations

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We followed Carly in silence and we saw this room to our left. It was stocked with food and medical items but it only had one bed. "This is where I turn in" she explained leading us into the room . As I passed her, I could see how worried she actually was about letting us in. "Heh..." I smirked , stopping to get a good look at her and then continuing to enter the room. She obviously thought ,what if they take all of my supplies? what if they kill me? of course we wont, rather opposite actually. "so are you guys in some sort of team or whatever? " She asks, locking the door and undressing to change into 'more comfortable clothes' .

"Thank you!" Mark yelled suddenly and Carly looked at him like he was stupid. I growled and walked over to Mark. "you're so... STUPID!" My fist lifted and I landed a blow on the top of his head and he stood quiet afterwards. I looked at Carly and saw her giggling and furrowed my brow. "anyways, you the only one here?" I asked looking around noticing another door leading to who-knows-what. As the words came out of my mouth another girl opened the second door and looked at me and Mark. "welcome back" Carly said to the unknown person. "good to be back . and alive" She grinned and threw down her weapons on the bed. "My name's naila, if you're wondering."

I look back at her finally and kept a small frown on my face. Oh great, more people. My eyes rolled slightly but not enough to notice. "Germoine" I muttered with a pinch of anger in it . "Question..." they both looked up from what they were doing to look at me and I flinched a bit from surprise that they did so. "do you guys wanna join my team?" I said using my hand to point at Mark who sat quietly, referring to the fact that he was part of the team I plan on building up. "do we have to move outta here?? "Carly asked with a slight look of sadness.

I sigh and look around the place contemplating whether or not they should move. Looking back at them I narrow my eyes and afterwards give a lazy look. "If we're forced to, we leave." I put it as simply as I could. zombies ? we leave. intruders? we leave. There's nothing else to it. They look at each other and then grin simultaneously and look back at me. "Sure, we will join as temporary teammates. if you give us a reason to, we will leave" Naila finally spoke her words getting harsher the farther she got into her statement. I reach in my bag after the whole moment was over and grabbed my radio. "let's hear the news?" I wave my radio back and forth to receive a nod from the both of them.

Placing down the radio on a brown polished desk , I turn it to the news station and fix the antennae to get a clearer signal. "it's all fuzzy!" Naila complained as if proving me wrong of something even though that clearly wasn't the case. "Well I don't know, maybe we're in the SEWER? " already I didn't like her very much but she had somewhat of a chill attitude. Finally the news started to smooth out and a man started to speak

' Welcome to Faxts News we are here reporting from Virginia and the army has taken over the borders and attacks anyone who tries to get into Virginia illegally. it takes three days to get acceptance alone and you'd have to camp outside where the zombies are. better be able to find a temporary home outside of the place if you want access inside. Faxts News out!'

My brow was furrowed in confusion the whole time, a finger raised to push the off button and when I look back to everyone else, I roll my eyes in a type of ' There you have it' look.

"Is that still your goal? To get to Virginia?" A voice spoke and I realized it was Naila. "That's none of your business." I wave it off and put on my sneakers, grabbing a gun and pocket knife. "I'm going zombie hunting, don't try to stop me. " No one made a move to stop me either way, and I walked over to the door we came in through. -- stop. 

My eyes widen when I hear the noise again, instead of opening the door, I lock it. "Shit Shit Zombies, what do we do?" My hands ran through my hair as I panicked. "Calm the fuck down." I glared at Carly, who spoke. "Okay smartass you find a damn way to leave." I snort, Walking over to her and pushing her. 

"Woah woah, calm down ladies you're both ugly--" Of course Mark had to inrude. And did he really have to say that? My eyes wandered around the room as the constant banging on the door continued. "Let's put the furniture in the way of the door, and Naila, what does that other door lead to? " A confident grin lifted on Naila's face, As a small scowl went on mine. 

"Another sewer system, that I, dug up myself. With the help of Carly, of course. " I rolled my eyes and helped Carly and Mark with the furniture. " 'Kay , that'll be our escape route. " A few minutes later and the door was completely blocked, but slowly the not-so-good barricade was leaning towards us, threatening to fall. 

-Bang -Bang

Damn zombies couldn't just shut up? "Move out--" I was cut off by Carly,"Don't act like Ms.Leader now." I snorted and looked away, to the 'escape route'. "Don't act like a bitch then. " My hand went around the door knob and turned, opening it for them to enter. I gave them a look as if to say 'hurry up' and they started climbing in.


My fears came true, the barricade fell and the door was was broken, revealing a few dozen zombies climbing in. I rushed them to go inside and it finally came my turn to go in. "Move it move it MOVE IT!!" I yelled, climbing in the fastest I could, but something or a used to be someone grabbed my leg. They pulled me back and I tried my best to kick them with the other leg, but every other zombie decided to engulf me.

Mark's POV

"Damn where is she?!" I tried looking inside, but only saw a pack of zombies huddling over something. "I'm gonan go help her-- be right back." As quick as I tried to go back, was as quick that Carly grabbed my arm, stopping me. My head turned to face her, as I gave her a 'let go' look. Eyes widened as she shook her head solemnly. "She can't be gone, she has to be alive. God DAMMIT!!" I yelled, breathing in angrily and kicking the door closed.

"We have to keep moving, it's what she'd want. " Naila spoke from the front of the line. "How the hell would you know what she'd want? You don't know her!" I spat back angrily , my blood boiling. "Yeah and you don't either. Do you know her last name? Where she was born? Her school ? Her mom ? Exactly, so keep moving." Carly had a point. I didn't know one thing about her and I dared tried to defend her values and decide what she would or wouldn't want. My head nodded, making me look like a bobble head.

"Let's go then.." I started crawling forward through the tunnel, looking back once and then continuing to focus in where I was going. I'll live n for her. There may be no connection between us that well, but if she would have still been here, I would definitely become her best friend. 

For Her.

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