chapter 19

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Catalea POV:

it's been two years since Alex and I found out there we were mates. a lot has happened since.

Sean and titi got into a serious relationship, she met his parents and everything. they loved her. selena even said that if Sean wifes titi the throne is his since Eric is still trying to be the Mr.playboy of the sea. but any who  they are doing really well. Sean came out of his shell a little more.

zeverous is the same as always. he still comes around from time to time to see us. he has a daughter now, cute little thing with her Brown eyes, jet black hair and caramel skin. her name is Amber. Amber's mom went M.I.A after she had her, she said she wanted nothing to do with either of em. Alex and I watch over her when zev is busy. we are her God parents.

taylon is an amazing ruler. he still hasn't married so no queen.

he trains with me from Time to time. there was a war with another clan a year back and we won(yes we Alex and I fought).

he mostly stays at his castle these days, keeping his clan in order. him and selena are a on again off again thing. she is usually at his castle helping him keep order

Alex has mastered both Fire and water. he is sexy as ever. his 21 birthday is in a week. he is happy as ever. we didn't keep our waiting till after the war to fully mate, the first time we did it was a month ago

and last but not least is me. I also mastered Fire and water. I spend most of my time between my friends, family, and training. the moon goddess hasn't given Alex and I, earth and air yet. Trenton still gets to me from time to time though him and Ashley are still marked and mated.

mom and dad are settings up a merger between moonlight assassins and silver blood pack as soon as Alex and I take out place as alpha and Luna


Catalea POV:

I feel someone blowing in my ear.

"hmm Alex get your hot ass breath out my ear. I'm trying to sleep"

"damn did I really leave you that sleepy" he kisses his mark.

"Alex you get horny like a bunny" I laugh

"aye don't put it all on Me" he bites my lip"you the one that walked in here wearing Victoria secret"

he goes to give me a hicky again

I mush his face back ."nigglet chill you give me anymore and people gonna think ima leopard"

"fine" he huffs like a disappointed child "can you at least make me some breakfast "

I raise a eyebrow "will that stop your harassing me for sex"

he nods happily

"ugh fine" I get up and search the floor for my clothes... can't find them to I just put on his heats sweatshirt.

"mmmm.... never mind breakfast come back I know something else I can eat " 

"Alex NO Im sleepy and sore. I'm making food then going back to bed "

"ight" he stands up and puts his boxers on " ima help you"

I smile "okay "

once we in the kitchen I use my powers the mix the batter "I'm making cinibons "

"Kay"he answers"so what to you wanna do today"

"nothing.... yesterday's training got me sore"

he laughs"sure the training" he eats a piece of mango while slicing the rest

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