Chapter 4- Catching up/Phones

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Luna's POV

I ran to Aaron and hugged him. He hugged back with a tight grip scared I would disappear. We hugged for about five minutes and then started talking. "So what's been going on with you?" He said sitting down on a airport bench i sat down beside him "Well I'm living with my so called birth mom and my younger brother and sister and I live in Nebraska and my best friends are Becca, Sky, Riley and Jess." I said smiling. "That sounds cool but I miss you like crazy. So you want to come meet the rest of the guys" "Sure" I walked up to them and I just now noticed how hot Gilinsky was, his beautiful brown eyes and brown hair he was so tall and muscular and he was absolutely flawless he shot me a million dollar smile and winked at me. I winked back. He bit his lip and looked away trying not to smile. I think I melted right then and there.

Riley's POV

We all started introducing our selves and I noticed Cam was starring at me. "You okay?" I asked looking into his big brown eyes. "Y-yep" he stuttered looking around. I turned around, grabbed my bag and walked to the car. The girls all followed my lead and i felt eyes on my butt. I got the girls attention and we all turned around and found all the boys except Johnson and Aaron staring. We all flipped our hair and turned back around. Becca being clumsy ran into the car door and dropped her phone in the process. "Clutz" Johnson said walking away. Becca gave him the bird. Luna was cracking up at this point I got into the limo and Cam came and sat next to me. "Hi" he said smiling "Hey" I said smiling back. "So what's your number?" Cam asked licking his lips. "256-785-1309" (not her actual number😂) I said giving it to him and he put it in his phone and he put his in mine. He put his contact name as "Baby❤️" I laughed and locked my phone. We pulled up at the hotel and all the girls got a room together. We unpacked and changed then went to Nash and Cams room and most of the boys were already in there. "So what do y'all want to do?" Hayes said. "How about truth or dare." Luna said smirking.


Okay so I have like no clue on what to name my chapters😂 so I just put like random stuff but umm yeah....

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