chapter 18

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Catalea POV

"lil red, baby I'm awake" I hear Alex yell

well, well. he has the balls to show up here after I said not to. I quickly bend a flame whip and walk to the top of the stairs. good thing mom and dad went to go visit grandma for the week

I crack the whip and he flinched" I thought I said never come around here again " I slow strut down the stairs

"i came to apologies and see if i can make it up to you.... I know what you did for me and thank you...... I'm sorry I called you a hoe I just thought you did me like Ashley did me"

now I'm at the foot of  the stairs. I crack the whip an inch away from his nose. he jumps and stumbles back. I stand over him and smile"I'm glad your awake " I sit on his stomach

he gives me a wide smile"so does this mean that I am forgiven"

"forgiven but not forgotten"

he leans up to kiss me

I put my hands over his mouth "i haven't forgotten about it"

"mkay, how can I make you forget" he says seductively and slaps my ass

"first you gonna cook what ever I want"

"done, what else"

"and hmmm...... I'ma think of the rest"

he smiles and sits up till we are nose to nose "I love how evil you can be. you really know how to mess with someone."

I wrap my arms around his neck and smile"tell me something I don't know"

"okay, how about.... I love you, do you know that"

I smile"I love you to, Alex"

we just sat there uninterrupted. looking into each others eyes.

these ghosts blue eyes are gonna be the death of me


short I know it's more of a filler

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