Wanted Love, Unwanted Hate

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29 July 2013,

Omg my first day in high school starts tomorrow!!!!! I do can't wait because I get to it see my only freind from primary school... Liam Wilson. He is the best!!! We know each other since childhood becausr our parent business company that will later belong to me Amy Holden and Liam.

I've been love with Liam since 4 grade and in war with his girlfreind Gemma Hayes, since last year. I hate her so much that I would drive my car on top of her!!! Anyway, this is my diary and her name wont be in this diary...well sometimes it will be. My lufe will never be complete with out him around me trying to protect me... I am his future wife after all. Our parents had decided for us to marry and im super ok with and on the other hand Liam is happy as well because he loves me too. Anyway, I better get some sleep for tomorrow, it is the first day anyway right? Gnite!!


Amy wake up you'll be late on the first day!!!!! Amy screamed to her self during sleep which made her awake once again during the sleepy night she had for the past week. "Dad!!! Will you drop me of at school?" Amy screamed like she was in panic. "Anything for my gorgeous daughter" Mr Holden was packing his suitcase for work never forget in about his family. Mrs. Holden and Mr. Holden have been together since they were 17, five years before they gave birth to Amy. Amy was the only child in the family but she didn't mind because she had Liam to care for her. "Honey, are you ready I'm about to head out. You better be quick!" Mr. Holden screamed walking out of the house and seeing his daughter running down the stairs, now in her all new uniform. Her high school years have just started.

Amy just came to school in time to see the only person she knew, "Liam! Oh my god missed you so much!" She screamed walking up to him and gave him a long and tight hug. "Amy i missed you too! I hope you are in most of my classes. How were holidays?" Liam returned the hug while asking so many questions thay she wasnt able to answer because some answers dhe knew were terrible. "Ah yeah they were great" She said pulling away and giving a fake smile and turning away to walk away. A hand graded her, Liam.

"Don't worry I won't tell any one what you really did on your holidays. Not even Helena." He said pulling her back into a hug. Before he gave her a hug he drenched kissed her which was pleasant and awkward at the same time. What am I thinking!?!?! I need to pull away!! But he is my love!?!


21 July 2013

Omg!! I kissed with Liam in front of every body!!!! Helena is going to kill me for kissing him!!! The good thing is that I got to spend my holidays with him before the school. Our families usually take us to places around the world and make us live in the same hotel room saying that we will someday be in the same bed anyways. At moments I would love to kill either my parents or Liam for existing in life. But I will probably will have to get used to living in the same room or bed with Liam.

So now I have take sure I don't see Helena anywhere in...wait does she even go to this school now? I didn't see her flirting with any other guys to make Liam come and beet those guys for trying to hook up with her. I hope that she and Liam have broken up because they total don't suit each other not because I'm jealous because it's a fact. When I saw them walking to get her for the first time holding hands I thought I'm going to hit Helena with my fists making her red hair flying in every direction. I don't even know what Liam found in her anyway. School has just started out good being in the same classes with Liam and it will get worse over a good amount of time. I swear if I see Helena near Liam one more time I will rip her head off and thatis a promise.

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