chapter 17

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Catalea POV:

we are in taylon's back yard

"let's get started" he looks serious."Alex and cat go in the field, selena and Sean come with in case we need Fire control "

Sean stays by titi's side"selena and cat can handle it ima stay and make sure she is okay"

I smile like sponge Bob when squidward tried to hide that he likes crabby patties

"good idea, let us know if anything changes with her" Alex says grabbing my hand and taking me to the field. selena and Taylon follow.

"okay, his shift will me a little harder since he isn't overheating" he pauses" he need to wake up his flame, after that I'll take over"

"how will we do that" I ask

selena snickers

"um...we no .... you have to make him heat" taylon says

"heat?.... what do you mean heat " I ask completely lost

selena's snicker turned into a full laugh when she sees my face.

taylon is uncomfortably shifting from side to side. "you have to make him lose control of his emotions. like you got angry.... but there is a easier emotion that can trigger heat "taylon says

"so what emotion is it "I'm still lost

taylon looks like the cat that swallowed the canary."you have to make him want..... you "

"I'm still lost" I say

selena is bent over laughing now. she wipes a tear. puts her hand on Taylon's shoulder and kisses him"you so adorable when you can't find a a way to talk about stuff like this" she turns to me"baby doll you have to make Alex... how do I say this without being to blunt..... complete the mating processes with you "

my jaw falls open"you want me to have sex with him?!?!"

"no just turn him on, minus the woody please" taylon adds

"isn't there another way"I ask

"you can make him angry "

"I'd rather take my chances with an angry Alex then a horny one"

"okay just be careful. males of our kind have really bad tempers"taylon warns


I turn and walk to Alex.

how am I going to do this. how will I make him anger enough to shift. I could lie to him but he knows I'm a terrible at lying  when it comes to him. I no wanna get hot and heavy in front of all these people. then I look at Alex. he is just Sitting in the middle o  the empty field. he took his shirt off, he is sexy af, his skin is shinning in the light. I can't believe I'm going to do this..... I hope it doesn't mess us up. I really feel for him.

I finally walk in front of him

"Hey, babe" he smiles

I give him a wicked smile

well here goes nothing. a mentally beg the moon goddess to forgive me of this back fires and I lose him. I take one last look at his smiling face.

I poof a large tent around us

he looks around "what are you doing lil red"

I seductively put my index finger over my mouth and gently shh him

I poof off my clothing, all I have on is black lace lingerie

he quickly strands up, eyes big as a deer caught in headlights

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