Haha suck it bitch

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Zach was trying to think of a comeback to what I just said but sat there silent. "I dunno what else to say Anna basically just said exactly what happened" Lexi said. Grant just sat next to me smirking. "You think I'm attractive aye" he said. "shut up that's not important right now" I said smacking him on the back of the head. "But you think it right I mean you said it" he said happily. "Grant just shut up right now you guys can talk about it later" Zach said. "Ooohhhh is someone getting jealous because I have someone who likes me" I said now smirking "what would you do if we just kissed hmm I bet that would just drive you crazy wouldn't it huh Zach" I said looking him dead in the eye. Grant scooted closer to me wrapping his arms around my side. "Hai he whispered resting his chin on my shoulder. I turned and kissed the top of his head. "Hello" I said. Andy coughed... "So who wants to party with band members" he said. "Except you gotta leave" he said pointing to Zach and his girlfriend. All of a sudden like every band member in the punk rock genre showed up at my house. I saw multiple people wearing the same outfit so I guessed those were the ones related to me. I was so excited I could believe who I was related too. Kellin, Avril, Tayy, Johnnie, Mercedes and Phoenix, Derek, Christopher drew, Drake Christopher, Jordan from the ready set. I almost broke down I couldn't believe it. I was soo happy. And I was so confused how I met some of them and no one said anything or acted weird around me. I mean yea when johnnie gave me an autograph there was an A and I never told him my name so maybe that's why he did it I dunno. I was clinging to grant due to my social anxiety and then everyone related came up to me. I was happy yet scared at the same time.

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