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Author's Note:

Sorry for the crap I have produced before, I assure you this is much better.

Chapter 1: "I Need More"

        Sometimes you have to see behind the curtain or beyond the hill. In my case it happens to be beyond a beat up road. I really want to go down it but I'm afraid to, due to the fact this road has had lots of murders on it and it has pot holes all over it. Whether I do or not determines if I'm willing to go out of my comfort zone or not.

        "Yo Bradley you in there?", says my brother Roy.

        "Depends, I'm not sure what I should tell you!", I yell to him.

        He opens up the door because it's almost always unlocked.

        "Why you little piece of crap!", Roy yells at me. I stop him before he takes a swing.

        "Dude just stop, you know I can hit harder than you.", I say.

        He rolls his eyes at me. Then he checks his Facebook, I start making some dinner.

        "Hey loser maybe you should go get tested at this brain thing. You probably need it.", Roy snickers.

        I walk over there to see what he's on about. All of the sudden I see a Facebook ad talking about going tomorrow in our area to a brain testing lab. I usually take these as spam but this one may be actually serious. So the next day we go to the address. It's a legit lab.

        "We're here loser are you ready?", Roy asks like he usually does.

        "Sure, if it makes you shut up!", I yell back to him.

Chapter 2: "Lab Rats"

        He nods and we get out of the car. As soon as we walk up we get prompted with a robotic voice saying welcome and talking about rules and regulations. Roy walks in while I listen then he grabs me in.

        "Seriously dude stop!", Roy shouts at me.

        We walk into a dark and eerie room. It's so quiet, you can even hear the buzzing of the computers.

        "Hello gentlemen.", a strangers' voice says.

        We shake his hand then he pulls me into a chair with a tin bowl tipped upside down.

        "Put this on your head.", the stranger said.

        I'm nervous but get an uncontrollable urge to do what he says. As soon as I place it on my head I see my childhood flash before my eyes. Then I see hallucinations and then it's black.

        I wake up unsure what time of day it is and what my name is.

        "Hello Bradley, you may not know anything anymore. But you know everything I assure you. You have the power to know 68% of everything in the world. We strive to use you later on. But for now your brother is outside. See you later Brad."

        I'm incredibly shaken. I'm not sure what they did. But I feel different almost out of this world. I am so nervous when I open the door and see my brother I practically jump back.

        We drive back to my apartment. My brother looks unnaturally overjoyed. I feel overly depressed. Maybe I'm over thinking, but I must it's an ongoing urge.

        "Roy,man what's wrong with you?", with a hesitant voice.

        "I'm great dude I'm just fricking great.", he says in a creepy tone.

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