Ch. 4

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2 years later

It's been 2 years since me and matt have been dating and same with Sophie and Cameron all are relationships have been tight and I met many more youtubers and viners.

I am now a famous vine with over 4.3 million followers on twitter,1.3 followers on Instagram,2.3 million subscribers on YouTube and 5 million followers on and Brent now know more about each other and also high school ended and I moved in with Sophie at a new apartment. And now in collage

Connor's POV

It's been 2 years of lies.i quit o2l last year but told jaylin I quit this year,i kept me and my girlfriend Bethany (Bethany mota) and I actually am not jaylin's real brother it is actually kian yes Kian lawley.someday I'll tell her and today is that day on her 18th birthday this will suck like hell.

Jaylin's POV

I woke up but not by my alarm but a shaking of my boyfriend "hi honey how is my girlfriend" matt said and kissed me "morning baby and I'm good"i said kissing him.then turned to a huge make out session.after the make out session i got up and kissed him on the forehead and headed to the bathroom to shower. after I finished I put on some clothes.

Jaylin's clothes:

•"internet kids never sleep"connor shirt

•galaxy leggings

•combat boots

•white beanie with black lettering that says "swag"

I put on my makeup but not to much just mascara,lipgloss and eyeliner.i walked to matt who was watching t.v. so I sat next to him and put my head on his chest as he put his hand around me,then I got a phone call.

"Hello"i said

"Hi is this Jaylin lawley"the person said

"My last name is actually franta"i said confused.

"Actually your birth certifict says lawley"the person said.

Omg connor lied to me I hate him now.

"Oh well then yes this is jaylin lawley"I said

"Hi this is Bart from magcon,i hear you are a famous viner and I'd like you to join magcon"Bart said

"Of course thank you bye"i said

"Goodbye by the way we leave in 3 days"he says then hangs up

"Who was that"matt says "Bart he asked if I wanted to join magcon,and I said yes"i said "hey I'm going to magcon too"matt said.i jumped on the couch on to matt's lap and he cuddled with me,i heard the door ring "I'll get it"I said as I went to the door and it was all the guys and all my other YouTube and viner friends came.

People that came:

Thatsojack,Jennxpenn,Andrea russet,thaterjoe,alife/pointlessblogs,zoella,dan and phil,all of o2l,lohantany,johnny orlando (little singer),Casper lee,bethany mota,all of magcon and mahogany,brent rivera etc. "hey guys"i said "hi jay happy birthday gurl" lohantany said,then Sophie and my two other friends Jenna and Kayla came in "hey bestie it's finally your b-day"Jenna said in delight.(btw jaylin's birthday is on Halloween) of course since my b-day is on Halloween I did a costume party I dressed up as sexy police women.

Costume outfit:

•cop hat


•short police dress

•black high heel boots


I looked in the mirror and thought I looked hot.

When I walked out of the bathroom into my room matt was staring at me with his mouth dropped "you look hot jaylin"matt said smirking at me."not to bad yourself" I said as I looked at matt in his doctor outfit (lol first thing that came to my mind) I went over to him and kissed his forehead.(everybody now has their costume on)

2 hours later

After two hours people got pretty drunk plus me and matt and all my friends,

Cameron and Sophie are getting their work done 😏,Jenna and Carter are doing things same with Kayla and jack g 😏.

5 min. later

"Hey babe" matt said looking drunk "hey babe"i said also drunk and making out with him.That make out session then turned to sex,we got onto my bed and locked the door.matt took of of my clothes so I did the same then matt ended in his underwear and I'm in my underwear and my strapless bra."you ready,you don't have to do this"matt said (we both are still drunk) "yeah I want to do it"he takes off my underwear and he takes off his and he puts his d*ck in and takes off my bra.

"oh my god m-m-matt!!"i said then moaned "you ok babe,you want me to stop"matt said "n-no" I said.

The next day

The next day I woke up at 1 in the morning and I felt something.I went to the bathroom and puked in the toilet "MATT!!!"i yelled "yes honey are you ok?"he asked me "I don't know"i said about to cry "oh sh*t"matt said "I forgot to use a condom" matt said "do you think I'm pregnant"i said "m-maybe"matt said "can you get my bag"i told him,he came back and gave me my bag "can you go out for a minute"i said "ok" he said.once he got out I grabbed my pregnancy test and peed after a few minutes I needed to see it.

I looked at it,it had a negative sign,once I saw it im was so happy "matt"i said "yeah what does it say" matt asked "it is negative"i said when I said that he smiled "phew I didn't get you pregnant"he said "yeah plus magcon"i said then I got a call from CONNOR I hated him.

What's Jaylin going to say to Connor if she awnsers btw I'm making a new book about Johnny Orlando pls go read it bye.

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