Chapter Nine

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Casey's POV.

I'm just now starting to get ready and it's 6:00 I'll need a miracle to be ready on time. I hopped in the shower really quick and hopped out again ten minutes later. I blow dried my hair curled it and pinned back my bangs. Panicking I check the time to see its 7:30 shiiiiitttttt!!!! I quickly do my makeup with consealer light gold eyeshadow thin eyeliner and some mascara. I ran to my closet and picked out a white bandeau I matched that with a floral crop top and black shorts . I grabbed my phone seeing it's 7:55 perfect timing. Running down the stairs almost dieing I made it to the door. Which there was a knock. I opened the door and Luke was standing there he had on a white v-neck and dark blue skinny jeans, and of course his black vans.

"Well don't you look sexy." Yep that made me blush. Damn it.

"You look handsome."

"Wow girls usually call me sexy or hot but not handsome. Thanks."

"Really? Well you do. Just let me put on my shoes and we can go."


We walked out of my house and I locked the door before we jumped into his car. It's driving me crazy that I don't know where we're going. might as well try one more time.

"So where are we going?"

"Nice try but it's still a secret."

"That's soooo unfair I have a right to know." I protested like I was five and made it way to dramatic.

"Damn, you're cute." he said while pinching my cheek.

"Don't do that." he just chucked.

"Does Casey not like having her cheeks pinched." he mocked a whiny tone.

I just giggled and rolled my eyes.

We finally arrived at the secret location we're at a park there's a bunch of street lights that line the sidewalks and the trees have lights dangled from their branches. I've seen this before I could've sworn.

"L-Luke." was all I could say.

"What? Oh my god you don't like it I knew we should've gone to the fucking fair."

"No no no, I love it it's beautiful!"

"Oh ok." He released a small sigh before taking my hand and telling me to run. So I did. He lead me past a fountain down some steps and up a hill. God a lot of running! When we reached the top there was a blanket spread out and I instantly remembered.

"Oh. my. god." I mumbled.


"When I was little my dad and I would drive up here on weekends and just walk and sit and watch the stars.

It was amazing I loved doing that! I miss doing that..."

"Oh... Let's lay down."


We just laid there looking up I would trace the stars and tell him what they were. Which he thought it was cute.

"We should get going." I said.

"Nooo babe, please just," he kissed my neck. "ten," he did it again. "more," this time he sucked "minutes," now he bit the spot "please," he ran his tongue over it "please just stay for ten more minutes." he blew on the spot sending shivers down my back.

"Fine ok."

"I knew you'd see it my way." He smirked.

"Really, well I think you just wanted," I paused and did something risky, I kissed him and then pulled away as soon as he kissed back.

"That." I finished

"No fucking fair."

"Aww does Lukey not like being teased?" I mocked his voice from earlier.

"Very funny."

We were just now pulling into my drive way and Luke leaned in quickly pressing his lips against mine I grabbed my waist and check to make sure I want going anywhere. When we pulled apart I decided to say something

"You can stay if you want."

"You sure?"

"Yea my mom is gone in business and I feel safer."


As we laid there in my bed I couldn't stop thinking about tonight. I barely even noticed falling asleep"

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