My mistake

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I woke up with swollen eyes the next day.My head was heavy but I had to go to my office.I got ready hoping it would deviate my thoughts from Virat for a while,but whom was I trying to fool,the words he said teared my heart apart.I knew Roshni was a bitch,and she definately said something to Virat and Rahul.But he trusted her and not me? I was going out of my building as my watchman stopped me.

'What's the matter?' I asked.

'Madam,Virat sir forgot this' He said handing over me a hankercheif.

'When did he came?' I asked.

'Last night' He answered.

'He went to your apartment madam,don't you know?' He asked.

'I'll return him' I said as I took over the hankercheif.

He came to my place? But didn't meet me? Things started getting clear,maybe he overheard mine and Neha's conversation.And that's why he reacted like that.But we were joking.All kinds of thoughts flashed my mind that time.I didn't knew how to feel at that time,it wasn't his mistake,he was mislead but if he had trusted me a bit,it wouldn't have mattered.And as he said he didn't wanted to talk to me,how could I contact him.I reached my office hoping for a better day,but he was everywhere.

'The Indian Team is leaving for South Africa in the evening' One of our member said as I walked past him.

'Kohli ke upar hai sab kuch'The other one said.

I rushed to my room as fast as I could and wiped my tears.And then my boss came and told me I had to do the evening sports news.I just wished that Virat performed well there,our personal issues won't let me support him less,or maybe that's what I thought that time.

I was ready for the evening show and it had Virat on the display,wearing that Navy blue 'Star' jacket with trousers,no shades and he was walking into the airport.And everytime I saw him,I fell in love with him again.His hatred towards me made my love no less.Maybe love is like this,maybe you learn to look beyond a relationship,maybe other person's happiness is all you care for.If he doesn't want to talk to me,I'll not,I decided.It was a half an hour show and I came back to my home.My dream was over,it seemed.I drove home myself,no dinner at a restaurant,no phonecalls,lonely rains,chilled winters and there were no signs of those big eyes anywhere around me.I reached my place,Neha was already there.She knew everything.

'Hey' She said.

I smiled.

'So,how did your day go?' She asked.

'It was good' I answered.

'Umm...something new?' She asked.

'No..nothing' I replied.

'How's Sam?' I asked.

'He just left for South Africa' She answered.

'Oh' I said.

'I'm sorry about everything that happened' she said and hugged me.

'It's okay,we can't fight against destiny' I said.

'Things will be good don't worry,just give yourself a little time' She said.

'Ya' I said and tried to control my tears.

'Ummm...leave all this,tell me when are you guys planning the engagement?' I asked.

'On the new years eve' She said.

'It's almost two months to go for that' I said.

'Ya,Sam is coming back on the 20th December,you know it's a long tour of South Africa and then after ten days the wedding' She said.

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