Chapter 1

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I put the blue short dress over my curvy body and looked at myself in the mirror. I put on a necklace and gauges. I brush my black and blue tips. It's getting long. Its down to my hips now. I can't belive that I will be going to warped tour and interviewing some of my favorite bands. I get to meet Bryan Stars. He is the one who is getting me there. I started my own youtube channel.. He saw a few of our videos and wanted us at warped with him. I hope I don't look over dressed, or underdressed. I smooth my hands over my dress and go sideways. I'm built curvy, but i'm very small. I look away and walk into the kitchen. "Alice! Where are you?" I yell. I hear a loud thump and a scream. I hurry and run up stairs to find my best friend  Alice on the floor. I help her up and she is laughing. "I just freaking fell. I tried on your high heels and I couldn't walk. Oops." I laugh with her. "Well, Bryan should be here any minute so I'll see you in a few months?" She looks at me with sad eyes. "Mylissia, I'll miss you so much. You have to tell me everything when you get back. You call me every day and you send me lots of pictures and get me autographs." I smile. "Of course I will silly! You are coming to the one in Cinncinatti, right?" I ask. She shakes her head yes. Alice can't go with me because she has some huge audition to go to in New York. I really think she'll get it too. She trying out for a role in a new movie called, "Kissed by an Angel." It's a book made into a movie and it's her favorite book of all time. I hug her tight and realize she is crying. "Alli! Don't!" I say trying to hold back the tears as well. For a few minutes we just hug and cry. I hear a knock at the door and then I's Bryan. I get up and grab my suitcase and bags and open the door. "Hey! Ready?" He exlaims. I nod and smile. He takes some bags and Alice takes some too and walks me out to the car. After we put everything in the car she turns to me with tears in her eyes and hugs me tight. "I'm gonna miss you mymy. Love you and be careful please. Both of you!" she says to us. She gives Bryan a quick hug and walks back into the house. I really hate to leave her, but I think it's for the best. 

After we arrive at warped we sit in the car for a minute. Bryan calls some people and I text Alice to tell her I made it. She's a mess. She is flipping out because she's home alone and her audition. I sit there just imagining what she's like right now. She's most likely sitting on the couch cuddling with her blankets and her kitty Sherlock, watching a tv show or reading a book. I miss her already. Bryan gets out and opens the trunk. "Are you nervous?" He asks. I get out and look at him. "Is that normal?" He laughs, "Yeah, I get nervous still too." I raise my eyebrows. Wow, I never imagined him getting nervous still. I take a deep breath and blow out. I grab my makeup bag and follow Bryan. We walk into a huge building and we go down a long hallway and then we go into a room. He sets up a camera and theres a couch. "Okay, so the couch is where the bands and I sit, but I'm pretty sure you have seen my videos before." He says laughing. I have to sit down. My head is spinning. I can't believe this is happening. "You okay?" he asks sitting next to me. I shake my head and smile. "Yeah, I jsut can't believe this is happening." He gets up because there is a knock at the door. He opens the door and there is All Time Low. "Hey guys! Come on in!" He says and I stand up. I stand in the corner of the room and wait. They all sit on the couch and get comfortable. "Guys, this is my friend, Mylissia. She is a new interviewer! She will be interviewing all the bands here." He says. They all look at me and I feel my cheeks burn. "Hi." I say and wave. "Hey, Mylissia." They all say. "Bryan, I'm gonna go look around for a bit, okay?' I tell him. He nods his head. "Yeah, but come back before 5:00, you have to interview Austin Carlile." He says. My whole body goes numb. Austin Carlile. I mean I figured they would be here, but I never thought that I would meet them. Austin Carlile? Wait, So I get to meet the love of my life? Wow. Great. I hope I look good. "Okay." I say and walk out. I lean against the building and close my eyes. Oh god. I take a deep breath and blow out. "Excuse me, but are you okay?" I hear someone ask. I open my eyes to see Victor Fuentes of Pierce the Veil.  I smile and I feel cheeks burning again. "Yeah, I'm okay." I say. He smiles back. "You a fan?" I shake my head and can't stop smiling. "I am a interviewer. I have to interview all the bands here. I'm with Bryan." I say. "Oh that's cool! First time?" I shake my head. "Can I get a picture?" I ask. He laughs. "Yeah, sure." I take a picture with him. "Can you do a few more things for me?" I ask. He chuckles. "Yeah." "Can you talk to my best friend Alice on the phone? And can you sign this for her and then this for me?" He looks at the little pieces of paper and laughs. "How about I call your friend and I get two posters for the whole band to sign then i'll give them to you?" I smile. "That's perfect." I pull out my phone and click her number. "Hey, Alice! I have a surprise for you." She's eating pizza. I can freaking tell. "Swallow that piece of pizza before something happens." "Okay, I swallowed it! Now what?" I hand the phone to Vic. I can hear her yelling at me for not saying anything back to her. "Hey Alice, this is Vic from PTV." He laughs a little. "I love you too. I'm glad we save- Don't cry- Al-It's okay." He looks at me and frowns, He covers the speaker. "She's crying. Hardcore." "Alice! It's okay. Why aren't you here with your friend?" I just realized I never told him my name. "Oh my gosh, your'e an actress? I should be asking for your autograph!" He exclaims and laughs. "Well, Alice. It was lovely talking to you, but I gotta go! I will talk to you again! I promise. Love you too." He hands me the phone. "Alice?" I say. She's crying. Figured. I laugh. "Alice, I gotta go! Love you. Bye." "Love you too! Bye!'' She says through the sobs. "Thank you so much! By the way, my name is Mylissia." I say. "Beautiful name! I gotta go! I'll see you later?" I shake my head and he walks away. 

After looking at my phone I realize that it is 4:50. I have 10 minutes to get back to the building to interview the most beautiful man ever. Austin Carlile. Great. I look at my self on my phone. I look decent. My hair is still a cute curly and the blue tips look good. I walk up to the building and open the door. I see Austin sitting on the couch. He looks up at me and does a double take. He smirks. God. This interview will be the death of me. Awesome. 

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