"Momma I'm home." I called into the house. It smelled like lemon sweetness. Something made a scraping sound, then it shattered. "Uh... you ok Momma?"

"Ya sweetheart. I'm alright. Can you go and change? We have are going to have company over and I want everything to look great." That was odd. Best not to question unless I want to have long discussion about being presentable. Which honestly, wasn't on my to do list... ever.

"Ya ok. You can family diner fancy or church fancy?" I called slowly walking up the stairs. I had one hand on the railing as the other clutched my lake bag.

"Church fancy please. And maybe put your hair up." I had reached the top of the stairs as she finished. Church fancy? What the hell! That's so odd. Walking into the bathroom, I had a five minute shower. When I had stepped out, I was now not smelling like lake water or coolers. I now smelled like strawberries and vanilla. My body wash was something I could just smell it forever and it wouldn't get old. Blowing drying my hair, I then curled it loosely with a black styling wand. Applying some lip gloss, mascara and finally some coral blush as a contour. After that, I went over to my closet, taking out a white dress with floral pattern. A thin flower lace material lay over the soft satin fabric. Around my waist was a black sash tied with a bow just under my breasts. I paired with with some silver ball earrings as well as black summer wedges. Just as I finished tossing my long red hair, the door bell rang.

"Door!" I yelled. The stamping of feet let me know that my mother was on her way. One glance in the full mirror behind my door, I then made my way downstairs.

"It's been so long. It's so good to see you Jessi!" the laughter of a familiar voice made me halt. Memories flashed in my head. That voice. I knew that voice. I turned the corner just after the door had shut. An old friend of my mother's was hugging her. Her short cropped black hair lay just under her ears. She had the same colour black blazer coat. Her long blue jeans with deep purple flats and brown purse said Mom to me. She glanced up.

"Blair? My gosh is that you baby?" I grinned not knowing what else to do. Awkward when your mom's friends know you but you can't remember them. My feet took steady steps down the carpet covered stairs. Her round face, chip muck cheeks with a rosy colour seemed all too natural to my mind.

"Tabatha?" I asked timidly. Her hands clasped together nodding with a smile.

"Yes!" She said pulling me into a kind embrace. "OH Blair! You look soooooooooo gorgeous! I can't believe how beautiful you've become. What an amazing face." She backed away, keeping her perfectly manicured nailed hands on my shoulders.

Suddenly the door opened behind us. "Mom you left th - " a deep, Californian voice said. In came a dirty blonde boy with blue eyes. His hair had streaks of brown and blonde. It was spiked up in the front by his forehead. The very tips of the upwards hair was bleach blonde. His firm squared jaw had a shadow of stubble. His full lips lay open as our eyes met. I took in his black suit, white shirt, blue tie, black pants and shoes. He was dressed to impress. His shoulders had expanded, as had his height from the last time I saw him when we had been but seven years old.

"Decklyn?" I asked in disbelief. What the FUCK! No way had that muddy kid with no manners, crocked teeth smelly boy that had been my neighbour from down the road. Now he was hot as a MOFO! Holy had time been good to this guy. I felt a heat wave crawl over my body making me shudder. Decklyn came forward. His large arms pulled me into a hug. I inhaled deeply.

He even smelled good. Oh. My. GOD!

"It's good to see you B." He spoke into my ear. With his height, he would have no problem resting his chin on my head. My arms went straight around his neck, pulling him closer to me. This was amazing. Decklyn had been my bestfriend back before I was really close with Becca. Backing away, his hands rested on either cheek.

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