A new friend?

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UGH mining can be so boring sometimes and since these past few years there had been no action going on. Suddenly I hear foot steps behind us.. GUYS GUYS WE GOT TROUBLE , I MAY HAVE BEEN SPOTTED AND WE NEED TO RUN AWAY FROM HERE!!..Kayla said. huh just as I said there hasn't been action... OK Let's go find sky and ty. when we finally found them they weird looking out . when I looked in that direction a mob of people were on there way to the forest. We better go,  ty stated.  I agree, kayla said. As we ran we all separate because of one of us get caught it's better than all of us...



we ran to what felt like forever then I bumped into something or better yet someone...  HEY GET OFF ME U PERV!!!  when I heard the girl's it made me open my eyes. I saw that my hand on her "chest" and my legs trapping her.  one hand next tl her head.  Shit I'M sorry. ugh whatever I'M just trying to get away from the search group, she said. HEY we are too,  we have three more people with us somewhere,  wanna join us,  sky insisted.  Sure Why the hell not,  and the search group is not that far from here so we should Probably go , OH and I'M Sandra.

so after that we ran away from that area layer meeting up with Mitch, Jerome,  and Kayla. HEY guy we found someone new,  come on out Sandra.  Sandra was a very pretty girl.  She has long brown hair,  green eyes,  light colored skin,  hourglass figure, and she wore headphones,  knee high shorts and wore a 1D shirt.  She looked about 14 , 15, 16 years old. Just like most of us here. She looked fallen for me but I ignored it,  I'M with sky but only we know it. Hi,  I'M Sandra , as u know,  and I think I can help u,  I'M very good in combat skills,  hunting skills,  and I've been surviving all on my own, she smiled and waved.  Nice to meet ya Sandra,  Mitch said and smiled.


OK guys what do we got so we can survive for a while until we move out again, I said. I got about 12 raw pork chops and a worn out iron sword with 4 breads, I explained. Well I got 2 new iron swords,  some bread,  gear, and some leather, said Mitch . I got about a stack of iron and a few diamonds, Jerome stated. I just got some steak and milk, ty said. I got iron,  leather,  cake,  shears, wood and seeds, Kayla said. Well unlike most of you I have a spare change of cloths,  bows,  arrows,  diamonds,  diamond swords,  diamond axes, and more..

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