Its been a while.

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*Jason's POV*

Aria and I are sending out our wedding invitations today. I am going to my house to give everyone their invites and Aria is doing the same for her family. I parked the car against the curb in front of the mailbox. I grabbed the invitation and locked the car. I rang the doorbell and knocked and took a deep breath. My mom opened the door and smiled big.

"Jason, how are you?" She asked gesturing me to come in the house.

"Uh, I'm good. How are you all?" I said following her to the kitchen. Nothing has changed.

My mom nodded and got me a can of soda.

"Hey mom who was at the do-" A peppy voice said.

I turned around and seen Alison.

"Jason" she smiled softly. "Its been a while"

I rolled my eyes "Alison" I hissed.

"Stop it." My mother said.

"I just dropped by to give you guys this." I said handing them the invitation. "Married?!" My mom shouted. "To Aria?!" Ali added immediately after my mom spoke.

I nodded "where's dad?" I asked.

They got silent. "Uh.. honey, your dad and I got a divorce.." my mom said softly putting her hand on my shoulder, and apologized.

I held in my all of the feelings and emotions that I had. I took a deep breath and walked out of the house.

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