Chapter 6

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~ That Night... (Continue) ~

Levi slightly smiled at Eren. " Yeah, I guess so... It's about time huh? "

Both grabbed there new suits and went to change. But as Eren was getting ready to take his shirt off, he saw Levi take his off, looking at those scars... Those painfully memories... What Levi had gone through.. It's like, Eren could relate in a way, but it wasn't at all the same.

As Eren was in deep thought, he looked at Levi and saw that he was already dressed and just standing there... Waiting... For Eren... To get ready... Because he was just standing there... Like a noob... So Eren quickly put on his suit, his buttons all buttoned the wrong way, and his tie... Not even a tie...

Levi sighed and grabbed Eren, he pulled Eren's shirt out of his pants and unbuttoned it.

" Levi! " Erens face turned a light pink.

" Calm down Strawberry.. I wouldn't do anything to you... Yet ..... " Levi finished buttoning Erens shirt correctly. " Now tuck your shirt in " Eren nodded and did what Levi asked.

Levi then fixed Eren's tie and then walked over to grab his wallet and keys from the table. Then, Levi grabbed his shades from the counter top and put them on. Levi had that one look... That look of a player.. Eren knew this wasn't good nor was it bad, but he didn't want Levi to flirt or fall in love with anyone else. He didn't want to be left alone again.

Eren paused right by Levi, looking down just thinking of what would happen at the party. As Eren stood still, Levi lifted Eren's chin, and kissed him delicately on Eren's lips.

Levi started to walk to the door. " Aye, you coming or not " Eren's face was a very hot pink... His cheeks, ears, heart skipping a couple of beats. Eren couldn't help but go run up to Levi and kiss him back. Levi's eyes opened widely but he closed them and pulled Erens body up to his, but Levi stopped.

" We... Have a party to go to... " Levi opened the door and steeped out. Eren was disappointed that the kiss ended, it could have gone farther. But he knew it was best to stop there. So Eren walked out also, closing the door behind him and locking it.

As Eren followed Levi to his car, Levi stopped and looked to Eren. " Don't worry Strawberry cheeks, I have a surprise for you tonight anyway " Levi smirked and continued walking. Eren gasped and tried to catch up with him.

" W-What is the surprise? "

" I'm not giving you any hints... But if you can guess something related to it, I'll throw in something extra with the surprise "

Eren thought hard but he couldn't guess... But of how dirty Levi is... He thought something he wish that couldn't have been thinking in his mind.... ' S-S- No! No way! I can't... No... ' Eren shook his head like crazy trying to not even think about it. Levi looked back and he already knew what Eren thought about. It was obvious to.

" Looks like you got it Strawberry ... Nice job.. " Levi lightly smirked and opened the car door for Eren. Eren stepped in and sat in the passenger side and buckled his seatbelt. Levi got into the drivers side and started the car, put his seatbelt on, and started driving to the party.

Eren looked out the window and started to think about him and Levi, all alone in the world. But then again, he knew it wouldn't happen that way. To Eren, it was a wonderful little thought. Eventually, Levi finally stopped in the middle of the road and parked the car. He looked at Eren with a blank but serious stare.

" So, since you guessed correctly.... What else would you want with the surprise? " Levi took his seatbelt off and moved closer to Eren. ' Damn! His blushy expression is just to much for me, I just want to... But I have to respect him. ' Levi moved his face closer to Eren's

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