Part 1:

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Part 1:. I'm walking down the street when all of the sudden I .... No it can't be ....but it is .... ITS CAMERON DALLAS ! You start to panic,you don't know what to do ,and he's walking over to you and says "hi" , ( oh my god is this actually happening) you said in your head ...or at least you thought . Cam- "is what happening ? " Me - "oh my god did I just say that out loud ". Cam - "Oh my god you did" You just couldn't help but giggle a little and so did he. Cam - "Whats your name ? " He asked with a smile. Me -"uh um Amanda ". You said in a shy voice. Cam - "we'll um Amanda I'm Cameron - he started to say until you cut him off. Amanda - "Cameron Dallas I know "Cam- So are you a fan?" Amanda- "ya" Cam- We'll like all the other guys said we are open to dating fans" . You just blushed in response Cam- "can I have your number?" Amanda- "y-you want my number?" Cam- "ya can I have it?"

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