Part Two - 12 - Allan

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"Captain's log, entry 106. I am currently locked in my own cockpit. Mutiny is what happened. Two days ago, I recruited a crew in a bar on Sandor-26. Their captain sold his ship without warning last week and went off to buy a brothel for his retirement. So when I saw this bunch of guys, already used to working together and flying, I thought to myself, 'Here's my chance to finally get a decent crew!' Ha! I woke up this morning with the barrel of a gun over my face. I am not a morning person, I didn't take it well. I managed to fight my way to the cockpit, and here I am. (loud banging noises) Hear that? They are trying to get in. They might have managed it, eventually. But what they don't know is that, from here, I can control everything about the ship. Lights, temperatures, oxygen level, doors, hatches...Oh, they've underestimated me. Let's see how they fare when they meet the void of space. Log entry over."

In his spacesuit, all that Allan could hear was his own breathing and the scraping of his clothes against his skin. It was unnerving.

He closed the door behind him, sealing them in the airlock. Beside him stood Lucas, towering in his own giant spacesuit.

"Ready?" Allan asked on their internal line.

The big man nodded, and so he typed on the screen and the oxygen was slowly sucked out of the airlock. He walked to the opposite hatch, took one last circular glance, then typed the security code to open it. Just like that, they were welcomed to the void of space. Every time, Allan had this weird habit of holding his breath. He never thought about it, until the silence inside his own helmet made him realize he needed to take a breath.

Space was a wonderful and scary thing.

He walked out. As soon as he left the airlock, the artificial gravity of the ship let go of him and his magnetic boots took over. He climbed the left side of the Capricieuse to reach the top. There, a huge 30 meters long cable was connected to a ghost ship. They had harpooned the Ushu ship during the previous hour as it flew close.

Hopper, Jessie, and Kala were combining their efforts to try and figure out a way to restart the flux generator and get them all the hell out of the Bermuda System. Meanwhile, the captain needed to do something or he would go crazy. Already a day had passed since their arrival in the cursed system, so he decided to scavenge a little. All those abandoned ships flying around them, ripe for the taking and untouched, had woken up his instincts. Also, he still held the hope that he might find something useful for their situation. Some extra flux generator parts, some extra backups. The probabilities were low, but it was still something to hang on to. Something to do beside waiting for his crew to be smarter than the rest of those idiots that perished in this system, prisoners of their dead ship.

Allan groaned loudly in his helmet, happy that no one could hear him.

But then, the huge presence of Lucas appeared beside him and said on the line, "Problem, Captain?"

Allan swore. He had already forgotten that the big man was with him. "Nothing. Just contemplating how life always chooses interesting ways to fuck us up."

Funny. He realized that he chose the word interesting to describe their impending death situation. But then again, he thought there were worst ways to go and especially, worst places. Right now, as they were standing on top of the Capricieuse in their spacesuits, the infinity of the universe was spread in front of them, stars as far as the eye could see. No nations, no frontiers...just freedom, silence, and the light in a sea of darkness. The kid he had been would have killed to just taste such freedom for a moment, even if it meant death would follow. Yes, life always found ways to fuck you up. But sometimes it did it in an interesting, captivating, and beautiful way.

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