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So this is not an update, just another A/N. I know, hate me. I just really want to apologize. Half of me feels so guilty for not updating, and the other half doesn't care because no one else cares either. I don't know, I really don't have any confidence at all and part of me feels like no one is reading besides my wattpad friends who are sort of forced to do so since they consider me a friend for some reason? I make no sense.

Anyways, I was in a dark spell for a bit. I'm not promising any chapters. I just wanted to get your guys' opinion (if anyone even wants to give an opinion).

This story was supposed to be very innocent and fluffy and cute and happy. That's because I started writing it during the summer and I had just been getting closer to my wattpad friends. But now school started and I know I whine on and on about it so I'm not going to. I just can't bring myself to write happy, fluffy sort of things. My mood won't let me.

So here's my question: what do you guys (considering there's anyone reading) want?

In chapter 4, I wrote about Tyler's prediction of how Troye will become very busy after TRXYE and how he fears that their friendship might start to fade away. I wrote the chapter during one of my stupid dark spells. Since I'm pretty much stuck in my spell, and I figure I will be for a while, continuing the story and basing it on the struggle to maintain the troyler friendship while Troye and Tyler are both so busy seems like a better idea for me. I don't know, I've been reading a little bit more on the darker side of things (like things that would need trigger warnings).

I'm sorry but this doesn't mean I'll be updating anytime soon. It's just an idea and I want to know what anyone things. Thank you for anyone still reading, though it may not seem like it, it means a lot to me.

I love you all. Loveheart <3


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