Story Time

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When everyone was clean and made sure no one was broken we all sat in a circle. Andy talked first due to me being confused of why he was here. "so as you all heard yes i'm Anna's brother now it may be hard to believe but there are many more of us. As you were told you are one of eleven but not the eleven that you think. Those four people you met that you thought were your siblings aren't they just pretended to be to hide the secret. Now you may be confused why you haven't been told or why your being told now but that will all be explained when you meat the rest of your siblings even though some you have met due to warped" Andy said taking a breath. "damn that was a lot to say now its someone else's time to explain that when I came to find my sister all this shit was going on so someone open your mouth and explain" he said looking around the room. Everyone was silent until my mind decided to spill everything. "ok so me and Zach were dating we had dated once before but he dumped me due to my friend spamming the shit out of him and his brother but yea he blamed me for changing and said I was becoming a different person and so we didn't talk for a while then all of a sudden we did and we became close friends then after a while we started dating again it was the happiest I had been in a while, every time we would hang out I could never keep a straight face it was impossible due to me being so happy then he fucking ended it just because me Lexi and Douglas use vapes and apparently he didn't like the way we were acting so he ended it then latter that week I saw he had a new girlfriend that he got the exact same day he ended it. Yea this has been a while ago it still pisses me off so then we were at the library when I saw this attractive dude I was wanting to talk to him but didn't wanna get hurt mainly because he was hanging with Zach so I played hard to get and had a huge attitude and wouldn't let him know anything about me then walked away and we all left. A while after we got home the door bell rang it was Zach and when Douglas answered the door Zach punched him in the face so Lexi attacked him then his girlfriend showed up and I blew up then in the middle of this I had a break down hense me crying into grants shoulder thanks for that by the way and then you showed up and you know the rest" I said very out of breath. I looked up and saw everyone starring at me shocked.

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