{ Chapter 15 } ~ The Odds Of This ~

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* Chresanto's P.o.v

11:oo Am

It's been o2 days since me and Jacob gotten back together. I woke up and put my plan in to action. A surprise for my king&princess. I bought all three of us matching outfit for our little adventure today. It's a sweater that say 'Partners In Crime' with a gun in the center of it, red pants, black timberland boots , and red beenie {External Link... Oh And Ignore The Shoes &Jewelry.. }.... I put on the outfit and left for my destination.

* Jacob's P.o.v

2:oo pm

The sound of my phone vibrating woke me up out my sleep. I moved Crissy over out my arms and rolled over to check my phone. Umm okay it's a text from Chres.'RockieBoo♡: Wake up my beautiful babies! Today is very special. I have a suprise for you and my baby. Get dress , y'all outfits are at the bottom of the bed.' I smiled at the text and shook Crissy awake. I point to her room which means go shower. She mumbled under her breath and rolled out of bed.

We showered and went downstairs to see a table full of Roses and Rose petals every where living room I mean everywhere! Breakfast was laid around the flowers and a note stuck in the tallest bouquet of roses. "Mommy what's all this for?" Crissy asked as she looked around amazed . "Daddy sent me a text message saying he got a suprise for us." She nodded and ate a spoon full of her breakfast.

We were finally done eating. "Ready to read the note Crissy?" She nodded her head and shooing me to read the note. ' Roses for my Roses. Reds Y'all favorite color right? Go to the beach and see what Big daddy Roc got chu'. I shook my head and grabbed the keys to my Jeep. Wait my Jeep is red ! Omg my baby got my car custom painted! Me and Crissy jumped up and down in excitement. "Daddy did this for us!" I nodded. "Yess baby, he did!". I grabbed her hand and helped in the front seat and buckle her into her booster seat.

On the ride there bang bang started playing. Nicki part was finna come "B.G , I bet you cant rap Nicki's part." She smirked at me. "It's Myx Moscato

It's frizz in a bottle

It's Nicki full throttle

It's oh, oh

Swimming in the grotto

We winning in the lotto

We dipping in the pot of blue foam, so

Kitten so good

It's dripping on wood

Get a ride in the engine that could

Go, Batman robbin' it

Bang, bang, cockin' it

Queen Nicki dominant, prominent

It's me, Jessie, and Ari

If they test me they sorry

Ride us up like a Harley

Then pull off in this Ferrari

If he hanging we banging

Phone ranging, he slanging

It ain't karaoke night but get the mic 'cause I'm singing

B to the A to the N to the G to the uh

B to the A to the N to the G to the hey!" I dropped my jaws at Crissy she really just rap all of that shit! "Dammmmmmm B.G !" She giggled. I pulled into the beach. We can see the rose petals from inside the car. We got out and followed the path of roses. When we got there to the area surrounding by palm trees there was a table with a cage covered with red silk cloth.

"Wanna see what it is B.G? " She looked at me and grabbed my hands bringing us closer to the cage. "How about you open it." She suggested looking a little scared . "You scared?" She nodded her head yes. "Shit, me too." As soon as my scary ass said that the cage started moving. "Oh hell naww I'll past this gift! " Crissy screamed. "Don't you talk like that never again! " I walked towards the cage shaking and pulled the cloth down. There was a puppy dyed reddddd! "Redd with o2 d's!" Me and Crissy yelled giving our new puppy a name.We kissed all over the pretty red doggy. We looked at each other and giggled. The puppy had a note hooked to his collar. That said 'Redd' he knows us to well haha.

'Good I thought y'all was going to be scared to pull the cloth off the box. Walk up the rest of the path and hop into the limo . Next stop is the Carnival. '


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