Chapter 9 - August's past

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     This was just crazy. Did I really like April? I mean, I'm stranded on a island. The way I got here I really don't know. I just remembered my mom crying and holding me tight. This one man shook his head.

     "We have to I'm sorry." he stated.

     Mommy looked down at me with her green eyes, "Good bye my baby. I love you." She set me in a basket with a blanket and a note in case someone found me floating. Mom pushed me off and the waves continued to push. She waved continuing to cry.

...All I remember then was the land exploding under both their feet and then                                                                                nothing at all...

     I woke up alarmed but swallowed my scream. I was in a cold sweat. I had never had a dream like that. I shook my head. No. I do not care, I do not care, I do not care...

                         But I did.

I turned over and fell alseeping hoping I didn't wake April up.

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