Fist Fight

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When Zach punched Douglas in the face we all flipped shit. Lexi jumped up from the ground and attacked Zach. Zach tried fighting back but was pinned down thanks to me. Then this bitch walked up to the door yelling what the fuck are you doing to my boyfriend and that's when I got off Zach and went after her. "You stole my damn boyfriend you bitch, when did you start dating was it really the 16th or is that just when you made it official " I will fucking murder you if you were with him while I was" Then all of a sudden I broke down crying and fell to the ground in a ball. I felt arms go around me but they weren't familiar. "Can I have your number now" the voice said. It was grant. At that time I didn't care who it was I just curled up in his arms having a break down. He held me as I was crying rocking back and forth trying to calm me down and eventually I did then everything went silent. I looked up confused and followed everyone's eyes to the door to find black veil brides standing in the doorway. Andy looked from Lexi to Sam to me like he was looking for someone. When he saw my tears he walked over. "Thanks for calming Anna down but I think I can finish calming my sister down if you don't mind. He kneeled down and picked me up off the ground and held me in his arms. "it's ok baby sister I'm here and I swear I wont go anywhere without you again" I was so confused. "a-andy" I said with a shaky voice. "yes its me I know I have a lot of explaining to do and I will I promise lets just get you fixed guys all fixed up and we can talk it out." He said with a smile. Each member of Black Veil Brides went to someone in the room helping fix injuries that may have been given.

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