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   The bell rings, alarming another day of pure hell. I am not looking forward to another day, I never am. I am definitely not looking forward to art class, but that's exactly where I'm headed.

        I glance into the class, my eyes swiftly seeing Ryan look away from me. I ignore him and go to my seat, setting my green backpack beside the metal of my chair. I sit down and take out my Sketchbook, no notes today.

      I open it up and read the board; Sketch until rest of the period. Of course, she isn't going to teach us anything as always. That's the problem with some teachers. They give you shit to do until it's the last week before final exams and they rush you, complaining that we never learned anything. Well bitch you didn't teach us anything.

         I sneak a glance over at Ryan, he hasn't looked at me all period. Maybe he finally gave up on me, it's okay everyone does. It's not really a loss, it's more like "Yeah. Okay. I'm used to it."

       The entire period went by, the bell rang informing students that it's time for another hour of useless knowledge. Ryan stormed out of the class, I just watched. I keep my textbooks close to my chest when I walk out.


       Lunch is utterly boring. I like boring. It's nice to be boring for half an hour. Just laying on the grass, letting the sun rain down on your skin, probably burning through you but you don't mind. Or it's just me that doesn't mind the feeling of burning because it's gotten me numb.

         I was just resting alone on the wet grass, getting some peace, when I suddenly hear a voice. It's not just a voice, it's 4 voices. I sit up and look forward. It's a nightmare.

           Pete, Andy, Brent, and this girl named Audrey that was a scene queen. Audrey and I don't have a good past. She cheated on me in 8th grade, but she blamed me for it by telling everyone that I hit her. Maybe that's why all this abuse happened. She was never nice, she's always a bitch. She is always hanging out with the tough guys, eye fucking every single one of them. I see it all the time. I even see it right now, she is looking at Pete up and down. Then back at me.

         Her pink locks of hair are probably the most aberrant about her, if it's not for her bitchy personality then I don't know what is.

      I freeze in my spot, unable to move, I'm just looking at the unbearable four come close to me as if they are mad.

    "Urine." Brent calls out. Audrey laughs evilly at my name. Well it's not exactly my name, I just get called that more than my real one.

      I scoot back a little, my hands squeezing the grass. "Don't hide now." Andy cooed with a mean tone. "It's not going to be that bad." I know exactly what he means by 'not the bad.' It's going to be worse than last time.

       "Why-why do you do-do this." I stutter. They all laugh at the same time.

    "Because you deserve it." Pete said as if it was obvious. I guess it is then, I don't deserve happiness. "Grab him." And they did. Andy and Brent grabbed both my arms harshly, bringing my up to my knees. My head was hanging lower so I couldn't see the two demons in front of me.

      I struggle, but I fail epicly when I get kicked in the stomach by Audrey, her having on her weird studded cleets. It's like a heel, but instead of the bottom of the shoe, they are all sharp spikes. I have to admit it was pretty painful when she placed her foot on my thigh.

      Her spiked shoe melted into my pants, the burning against the skin made me want to die even more. "Come on now." She said before she punched me in the face. "Pete." She called for him, probably to do something to me. I know that tone in voice.

      Suddenly, I felt a tug behind me. Pete tugged my hair downwards, making me look up at that oh-so beautiful sky. I heard a snip and I froze. A lock of my hair fell in front me. That's when I panicked.

        I struggle harder with tears flowing, Audrey is just laughing as the spikes slit my skin.

    "Alright Pete, cut it out." Audrey says before grabbing the sissors and turning back over to me. She kneels down so she is my height, giving me those eyes of desire and late. She's traces the sissors around my neck lightly. "Do us a favor and kill yourself." She hums and drops the sissors into my lap and turning away.

            The boys that were holding me gave me a smack in the head before walking off with swaying Audrey. Pete pushed me down onto the grass again, then leaving too.

         I sob as I hold the metal to my chest, maybe it would be easier just to leave.


        I hid behind a tree for the rest of the school day, awaiting the final bell so I could start walking home. When it finally did, I fast walked to the front of the school, not wanting any trouble with those 4 demons.

         On my way, I glance at the parking lot and my insides stop once again. Please not again. He spots me and runs towards me, I go the opposite direction, into the school.

         I ran through the concrete halls, not exactly sure where I'm headed but it sure as hell isn't going to be with my uncle.

        As I'm running, I feel a tug and I get dragged into a room. It's the bathroom. I turn around and see- Ryan.

     He had his hands on my shoulders, his expression wide. He shoves me to the side a little bit so he can close the bathroom door. Once he does, I move away from him to near by wall, leaning on it.

       "Who was that?" Ryan asked kind of distressed. I shake my head, then shrugging,  and look at the ground, tears falling to the floor.

  "You don't know?" Ryan confirms. I nod and shake my head at the same time.

   "Why are you running from that man?" He asked more sincerely, putting a hand on my shoulder. I shutter and shake it off.

      I realize that if I don't get to my uncle now, he'll tell by Dad, and things would be worse than it already is.

      "It's nothing." I lie and get away from him, looking at the floor before walking out of the bathroom, into the halls of where I could get kidnapped by my own Uncle.


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