At home

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When I walked to Sam I wrapped my arm around her and walked to go get Lexi, which required facing Zach. Can't wait. Lexi saw me and pulled me over to her. "Sooo how'd it go" she asked smirking. Lets just say I'm not gonna just let him get to me and feel stupid when he leaves for no apparent reason other then me smoking" I responded quite loudly so Zach would hear it. Sam whispered in my ear" incoming " I soon felt arms wrap around me. "Well hello there love still vaping I presume" Zach said into my ear. I pried him off of me by twisting his arm. "Don't you have a girlfriend that you should be making out with or something like that?" I asked wanting him to leave. "Yea where's your girlfriend Zach the one you left Anna for to date the very same day" Lexi said pissed. Right then my parents walked up saying it was time to go. "Oh well would you look at that I have to leave now you have to go flirt with your actual girlfriend oh my" I said to Zach with an attitude and walked passed him Lex Sam you coming. "yea one sec" Lexi said turning back to Douglas. "You realize we could just bring him with me and you know he would go" I said wanting to leave. We all started to walk out. As soon as we got home I started being asked a million and one questions. "ohhh do u like that dude" "is he nice" "what he say" "why didn't u give him your number" "who was he" "why was he with Zach" and so many more. I sat there answering each and every question until the door bell rang. Who the fuck is at the door I thought. Douglas got up getting the door and a face full of Zach's fist and that's where shit started going down.

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