"What FUCK did you mean by that?!"

"All I'm saying is that something weird must have happened so she wasn't able to come here today! Think straight dude!"

"Are you saying that something bad happened to Maki?!"

"Maybe, she just went to see one of her other friends..because..you know..she..uhm..just broke up with her-" Carlo looked at Didi. "Okay, I'm done talking."

"Sigh. I don't think so.. She never introduced me to any of them and we ...had been together for almost 2 years.. Besides, she never quite understood friendship that well so I doubt it..."

We can tell from his voice that he is angry, worried and stressed from our recent discovery. Just thinking that the person you love so much is nowhere to be found would be too much even for someone as strong as him. Someone as strong as my brother.

"Instead of continuing this guessing slash blaming game, I suggest we call her. " Looks like we forgot the most logical thing to do. Thanks for the reminder Frey.

Everyone reached for their gadgets. Each of them is trying to contact the missing girl. Some are trying to call her while others are trying to send her messages through text, email and other social media sites. Of course, I did to. Unlike the others, I don't have her number so I decided to send a message through a social media site. I may not be that close to her but she's important to my brother so-


I have an unopened voice mail. I wonder who's number this is. I will have time to check that later. I need to focus on helping them now. I better ask for Maki's number too if I want to be more helpful.

"Carlo...What was Maki's number again?"

"It's 0934-8877-9110"

"0934-8877-9110....?" No Freaking way.

"Yes. You got it so please contact her as well-.." I froze. "Hey. What's wrong?"

"A-are you...s-sure?"stutters.

"I was her boyfriend until last night so yes, I'm sure. " He seems to be annoyed but I must tell him. He has the right to know.

"..but I have her number..." No way. Don't tell me. Please no.

"You shouldn't have asked then."

"That's not what I meant... I don't know.. I have no idea.. What does this mean? Maybe this is-"

"ANDY!! I don't understand what you're saying. Get to the point." He wants answers. He wants them now.

"This morning.... I-"

"What are you trying to say?" I can feel the anxiety in his eyes and the worry in his voice.

"... received a voicemail....

....from that number

...her number."

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