“Run, run, run and hide we are coming out tonight... Run, run as fast as you can either way you’re a dead man... Run, run, run and hide we are coming out tonight… Run, run as fast as you can either way you’re a dead man”. *Knock knock*. “Excuse me mistress but what are you doing in here?” William asked as he entered the hidden room surrounded by plants and insects. “Oh, what are you doing here and how did you find me?” Sophie replied sighing with relief that it was William that found her and not anyone else. “I guess I just went looking for you mistress considering that you are supposed to be having tea with your step father” he answered with a smirk.

“I guess you don’t like him that much, do you?”

“NO I DO NOT!!!...”

“But shouldn’t you at least act like you do, I mean he knows you don’t like him, but it’s your mother that can’t seem to understand that, can she?”

As Sophie went to speak she hesitated, took a deep breath and sighed as she looked up to William and whispered, “No she does not believe me, she does not believe anything I say”. She slightly smiled as she continued “I bet she wouldn’t even believe me if I said I was dying” as those words escaped her lips a sad disappointed expression crossed her pale childish face. “I just wish she could listen to me for once and not push me away” she sighed as she looked up to her best friend for comfort. He frowned and walked up to her and knelt down to comfort the child that seemed lost and still.

Suddenly William realized that tears were running down her face he grabbed the bottom of his sleeve to wipe them, her bright blue eyes shone in the sunlight piercing through the circular window that was covered by a sheet of black fabric that was torn and worn out because it had been there so long. William looked down at Sophie and asked “why do you always come down here I mean no one comes down here?” she giggled and replied “that is why I come down here because no one ever does”. He laughed and replied “that’s true and makes sense”

For a few minutes the pair sat there in silence before William stood up to look at his pocket watch that was inside a pocket of his chestnut brown jacket. “Oh my! Is it that time already!?” he exclaimed in disbelief. Sophie looked at him in shock “what’s the matter?” she answered, William looked at Sophie with care and replied “I was asked by your mother to visit the town to pick up some flowers that she ordered” Sophie looked at him in confusion “why doesn’t she ask Lauren to do it she always asks Lauren to go into town?” William looked at Sophie and laughed “who knows what your mother is up to now, she is a very devious woman you know?” winking

And so William ended the conversation with a bright and friendly “see you later then”. After he left the room Sophie decided to go upstairs to have tea with her ‘loveable’ stepfather. She walked quickly up the stairs, her heels clicking against the floor boards of the Mansion. She walked into her room to collect her art things when she found her mother in there, “what are you doing in my room” she asked. Her mother turned and gave her a stern look

“What do you mean??? This is my mansion I can go wherever I like thank you very much!!”

“Your house, this is Dad’s estate and you know it!!!”

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