Home sweet home

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After that disgusting incident rape that Brian gave me before he left I sit on the bed crying thinking about our baby what might happen to him or her I've missed my mate for so long I think our/my mark is wearing away from the distance apart. The door opens an a man with red hair an grey eyes with a blue an yellow polo shirt an cardigan shorts an white converse he has a bag of Doritos in his hands he slightly smiles at me.

"I brought you something" he raises the bag of chips handing them to me I nod

"I'm....im sorry about what happened the other day you know but I'm Frank by the way an im going to help you escape" he says breathing out heavily

I stop eating an stare at him wide eyed

"W-w-w what really... omg thank you" I say dropping the chips running up to him an hugging him

Frank chuckles "But we have to leave now while Brian is out so let's go"

He grabs my hand out the door running I have to Growl to make him slow down he walks at a normal pace now which me an the baby are fine with We walk down this long narrow grey hall way with codes on them like they were written in an ancient time like roman or Greek I start to slow down but frank yanks my hand to keep moving forward. As we walk we walk down these steps which are metal but soon we enter darkness frank stops an looks at me with his glowing yellow eyes which are his wolves

"Switch to you wolves eyes it's the only way you can see" he says I nod I switch my eyes an see everything clearly but I didn't even notice the fighting rooms that are completely invisible without your wolves eyes

Frank pushes some metal open an it revels the woods I transform into wolf form an run to Dylan I hear frank behind me we run until night fall I walk at the boarder of the pack line I hear wolves running an growling I turn around to see Frank growling back

That's when I see Luke's wolf he looks at me then growls Frank growls back louder that's when I hear the door open an Dylan steps out looking at me he stops an stares then he looks to Frank

"Shift" Dylan growls I immediately do

I hear gasps i look up at Dylan he drops to his knees I run to him with all of my nakedness I hug him tight he hugs me tighter he takes of his jacket an gives it to me i put it on until I hear them bark at Frank

"No, stop that he stays with us.... he is going to be in our pack now an thAts final" I say walking over to Frank taking his hand

"Dylan meet Frank, frank meet Dylan"

Frank held his hand out Dylan looked at me then him an his hand he shakes it an picks me up bridal style In the house

"Omg gosh you don't know how long it has been for me to hold you like this again you were gone for like 4 weeks an the baby gosh I missed you guys both" Dylan rambles on an on about how much he misses us or men

When I pull him into a slow passionate kiss he grabs my waist pulling to him

Zack comes in the living room screaming running away from someone which would be

"KYLIE!!!! omg you here when did you get here did that bastard touch you I swear I if he did balls are getting chopped off his little pink balls" Myah says Dylan walks off to somewhere which I'm quite upset because I want to

Be near him now that I'm here Zack scratch's at my leg I pick him up

"Mama wjoof" he says before squirming to get out of my arms yelling


An Captain Jeremy here for the rescue he looks at he an pulls me into a hug he stops for a moment an looks at me

"Dylan wants you upstairs" he says

I walk up the steps slowly inhaling his scent that I've missed so so much I walk in his sitting in a corner "yes" I say I hear him sniffle

"Oh babe what's wrong" I say walking towards him hugging him

"He touched you didn't he" he says looking at me


"This isn't a playing matter right now Kylie but it dosnt matter because I can prove it an so can your vagina so don't make me ask again" he says standing up walking to the bed

"Yes....yes he did, but I would rather not talk about my rape as soon as I come home safe an sound" I growl walking out of the room I say

He grabs my hips tossing me on the bed like a feather he hovers over me kissing me everywhere his hand finds the zipper of the jacket an unzips it he sits on tops of me lightly he grabs my nipple roughly sucking it bitting I flip-us over I take of his muscle shirt unbuttoned his pants I slowly grind on his hardness he flips us over once again binds down an eats me out I cum like twice but he just kept eating my pussy out I push him down grabbing his dick sucking on his hard he groans I climb on top of him rocking the bed all you hear is the head board an our moans an groans I was close to cumming he flips us over to finish it off we both cum both breathless

"Shit" we breath out together

We lay down Dylan wraps his arm around me an we spoon the rest of the night..


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