The River Styx

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We finally got to the river banks and slid off Mrs.O'Leary. Jackson and I slid off,Nico just fell off and started snoring.

"What do we do now"?Jackson asked Nico.

"Take a nap"Nico responded sleepily.

"C'mon stay awake Nico"I say while shaking him. He just groaned and went back to dreamland.

"Nico wake up"!I say and make my hands as cold as dry ice and make him shoot straight up.

"Let's get started"Nico says.

That's when we saw the ghost. He started floating toward us and I recognized him right away.

"Achilles"I breathed.

"Yes that's me and what you are planning to do is extremely dangerous,you may not be able to survive this"Achilles warns us.

"Wow thanks for that great pep talk but we should really start"Jackson sarcastically says.

"Maybe Achilles is right,maybe this is to dangerous"Nico worriedly warns.

"Nico you actually pushed me into doing this,you said this was my only chance"Jackson practically yells.

"Percy it might be to risky,you could die"Nico shoots back.

"I say we do it"I interfere.

"See its two against one,lets do it"Jackson agrees.

"Alright let's start,what do we have to do "?Nico asks Achilles.

"You need to think of something that will hold you back to the land,like an bungee cord and never let that thought stray"Achilles again warns.

"Okay I'm ready"Jackson says.

Then he cannonballed in to the river Styx. Nico took a step back and grabbed my wrist to make me do the same but for some odd reason I was drawn to the river Styx. I felt like I needed to go swim in there. Nico noticed and made a grab for me but I pulled back and literally walked in to the river Styx.

The sensation was burning. Like fire engulfing you and eating every part of your skin. Then extreme coldness gave me shudders and shivers crawling down my spine and making goosebumps. That was the strange and scary part because it was impossible for me to feel coldness. I was immune to freezing weather and snow and ice. The only thought in my mind was a bungee cord strapped to me and pulling me back to dry land.

Then a face emerged in front me in the inky blackness. It was Nico! I saw his dark midnight black hair and chocolate coloured eyes and his olive complexion. I never noticed it before but he was handsome,he was more then handsome,he was hot!

He outstretched his soft hand and I put my hand in his and felt hard,cold land.

I pulled myself up on to the ground and started breathing shallow breathes and felt a white burning sensation then my regular body temperature.

"You fell in the river and survived"Nico said awed.

"I did"I say awed a bit myself.

"You even beat Percy"Nico tells me.

Then another figure emerged from the river and I recognized him as Jackson.

"You were in there Helen,you fell in the river and survived"Jackson reminds me.

"I know,so now I'm invincible" I say bored.

"There they are"I hear someone say and look to my left and see Hades riding a chariot with a bunch of skeleton soldiers.

"Oh my"I gasp.

Hades start rolling slowly forward while running over only a few skeletons.

"Arrest them"!Hades screams.

That got me mad,no one arrests me,not even a god. I stood up and saw Jackson do the same and we both draw our swords and run forward. We slash and dodge and stab and I feel a spot right on the middle of my foot burn and realized that's my weak spot. My foot!wow,so heroic. Note the sarcasm!

Then all the skeletons are gone and Jackson has his sword point at Hades neck and I feel my hand start going icy.

"Help the gods,lord Hades"Jackson insists.

"Why"?Hades hisses.

"Because they would try and do the same thing to you"I tell him.

Realization dawned in his black eyes and hisses "fine"and then vanishes in thin air only leaving a Black robe.

"Darn it"I snap.

"Ditto"Jackson says.

We both make our way back to Nico and see him there gaping at us.

"How did you-how did you do that"?Nico stutters.

"I have know idea"Jackson and I say in unison.

"Nico stay down here so you can keep convincing your father"Percy commands.

"I want to help back in New York though"Nico whines.

"The underworld needs you down here though Nico"Jackson insists.

"Okay"Nico agrees.

Jackson and I start to walk back up the stairs to the mortal world and I glance back at Nico who stares at Percy in a glorious nature and I would say,I would the same thing.

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