Skylar: Part 1

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*September 28th 2010*

I can't help it.

I shut my eyes, cover my face, and scream. Loud. Though, I know it's no use. It won't stop us from crashing into that car. It won't change anything. But I do it anyway.

Then I feel it. The compact that the two vehicles make.




I open my eyes once I hear someone saying my name over and over again.

"What?" I don't see anyone and it hurts too much to move, so I don't try to turn my head to look around.

"Skylar? Are you okay? Where's mom? Where are we?" It's my brother. I recognize his squeaky, little six year old voice.

I gather the strength to turn over in my bed and look at him.

"Brax? What's going on?" I see that he's laying in a white bed across the room.

This room is very bright. the lights are bright. the beds are bright. the white walls are bright.

Then a man walks in. He is very tall and is wearing some sort of uniform.

"How are you boys feeling?" He says as he shuts the door and sits on a stool in between me and Braxton.

"My head hurts" Brax announces as he sits up in his bed.

I just look at the man while he types on the computer he brought in with him.

"How about you Skylar?" He looks over at me.

"Why are we here?" I don't care about his question I want to know what's going on.

"We are just checking up on you two boys, making sure everything is good and that you both are alright." The man says calmly.

"Why wouldn't we be?" I continue, leaving Brax out of the conversation.

"What do you remember, Skylar?" He doesn't take his eyes off of the computer.

"I remember leaving the airport with mom, dad, Kate, and Brax."

"Anything else?" He starts typing.

"Uhm... Nope."

"Well boys. I have something to tell you.." He sets the computer down on a counter across the room.

Me and Brax look at him, confused.

"You and your family were in a bad car accident.." He starts.

"Where is the others?" Brax asks.

He looks at Braxton, then at me, then his shoes.

"They didn't make it... I'm so sorry..." He looks at us with sympathy, then stands up.





Sooooo what did you guys think of the first chapter?? I know it doesn't exactly match the title but the next one is about larine!!! I promise! You guys just needed this information on where Skylar was starting

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