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The next day.

~Bellas POV~

I didnt notice that today is Monday,and not just that,its Graduation.

I hurried back upstairs

"Niall,did anyone sended my uniform when I was gone"I panicked getting ready

"Yes,Its in your cabinet"Niall said sleepy

"Get up babe,Its graduation"I yelled

"Oh shit,I totally forgot.Im sorry"Niall yelled hopping out the bed and changing

20min Later them arrived at school

"Miss Denim Jon" A lady said

"Yes"I came near her

"Your the one supposed to speak later infront but you have ditched alot of classes.Im sorry to tell you its Alexsandra Bag-ayan whos gonna do your job"The lady said

"I am uhm ohh....Sorry"I said walking away

I seated down to the chair and waited for them to call me.When they did I went to the stage and got my paper thingy.I went back down and recieved alot of congratulations.

Niall and I drove back home and we ate and watched some movies.Thats all what we did

Shorter than short....Why because I update 3 times a day.....sometimes......its gonna end soon..but It has a second book its about there children and till they die

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