Chapter 1

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Summer Lynn whines as soon as her alarm clock goes off. She is dreading sophomore year more and more.

It's not like she doesn't like school,actually she loves it. She loves learning, she has a 4.0 gpa and college graduates wishes they had as much knowledge as her. It was the people she dreaded, she hates the fake preps who sleep around with the jocks,she hates the guys who think it's okay to take advantage of girl,she's pretty much the opposite of the people at her school,with the exceptions of her two best friends, Ashley and Topher. Topher is gay but he is the straightest gay guy you'll ever meet and well when Summer gets in trouble it's usually because Ashley is involved. Ashley is the wild one, she always is getting into trouble but even though she's a trouble maker Topher and Summer love her to death.

As Summer Lynn gets ready she curls her hair and puts the slightest bit of mascara on. Summer is the one always making sure she is covered up completely she hates when to much skin shows because she can be self conscious at times. She puts on a pair of skinny jeans and a light pink cashmere sweater.

She hops on her bike with her back pack thrown over her shoulder. The school is only about two blocks away. As soon as she gets there she meets Topher at her locker she gives him the biggest hug as if she hasn't seen him in years.

"Are you dreading this school year as much as me?" Topher asks her. She gives him a light smile and nods.

"I swear if i have to hear another girl talk about getting drunk or loosing there virginity over the summer, I'm gonna blow my brains out" She says to Topher and he just laughs and agrees.

"Hey, wheres Ashley?" Summer asks.

"Probably in the guidance office getting suspended."

They both laugh,but it was probably true.

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