Chapter 2

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Chapter 2:

Elizabeth's POV:

"Elizabeth wake up!" I slowly open my eyes to see my beautiful mother, Jessica. (Btw Jessica was working the morning light).

"Get up you have to get ready to go pick up Sarah"! I roll my eyes and covered my head with a blanket.

"5 more minutes mom" I mumbled.

"No sweetheart, come on you need to get ready! It's the BIG DAY!" she exclaimed as she attempted to drag me out of bed.

"Mom! Stop what on earth could be so important..." I started. "OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH!!!!!" I screamed as I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom to get ready.


1 hour later

Sarah's POV:

"Bye mom I love you so much!" I said to my mom as I hugged her.

"See you soon sweetie!" She said as she pulled away. "Now go! Elizabeth is waiting for you!"

"I am, I am! Love you mom!" I said hopping into Elizabeth's Jeep.

"Love you too and make sure to tell that Cameron boy that he better treat baby girl right" she said.

"Okay mom I will" I chuckled.

45 minutes later

"AHHH" Elizabeth and I screamed as we turned the corner to see Nash's house. "We are here!!!!"


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