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                                                            “What is love?”

               That is probably the most popular question in the whole world. It’s like an unanswerable question that no one can get right.  They say that love is the greatest thing in the world; while others said that it makes the world go round but you know what? For me, love is something no one can ever explain. You can never really tell what love is until you have felt it yourself. And I have experienced it.

I have experienced the most joyful and most painful emotion to a human kind. I fell in love; to someone I never expected I would fall with ….  My patient.

She came into my life like a virus and corrupted my whole system, it’s like I’m always malfunctioning when she’s around. When she’s around, it’s like my world is full of many colors. She gave my life a new kind of flavor. It feels like we’re in a cliché romance story that we have always read.

But then . . .

I was wrong, we’re not like those cliché romance stories that we have always read, and we’re not like the movies that we have always seen, because just like all the fairytales in the story, ours have also had its ending. 


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