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"Here's your lunch, okay?"

"Now I put a dollar in there so you can buy some milk.

"You can ask one of the big kids where to do that."

"You remember your phone number? I wrote it down for you just in case."

"Put it in your pocket, I don't want you to lose it."

"Okay? You ready?"

"I think so."

"It's Ashton's big day!"

I guess it's natural for kids parents to cry on their kid's first day of school.

But, you know, that's when kid's are four or five.

I'm seventeen and until today, I was home-schooled.

I know what your thinking "home-schooled kid's are freaks."



Or that we're weirdly religious or something.

And on the third day god created the Remington bolt-action rifle so that man could fight the dinosaurs,

And the homosexuals.



But my family's totally normal.

Except for the fact that both my parents are research zoologist's.

And we've spent the last twelve years in Africa.

But then my mom got offered tenure at Northwestern University.

So it was goodbye Africa, and hello high school.

A/N so I'm guessing there are plenty of stories like this out there but I thought I would make one cause I was watching mean girls so yeah haha anyway I will post the first chapter soon!

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