That Wonderful Produce Stand

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I was at the Sensation Mango's, when I first saw you

You were looking at the Lush Green–Leafy Sprouts, with your head tilted down,

and from the side, your beautiful face I watched, as I could not help myself

Oh, a face as smooth and soft as that mango could ever be

Your skin the color of a beautiful Taylor's Gold pear

And then so elegantly you walked along with your straw basket, swinging in hand

For I remember to this day that light cotton dress, with all those beautiful colors

The dress that looked like a bonny day of spring

Your steps were just soo perfect, as you slowly sashayed by

Looking as fresh as Golden Delicious, to an apple I compared

Slowly you turned as you caught my eye's with yours, as they finally met

Wanting to turn away my eye's misbehaved and stayed, staring at yours

Dark and beautiful as Rotab Dates as I could see, juice's and sweetness so deep

Oh beautiful eye's from heaven, if only they were for me, I dream t

Eye's such as these, so dark and mysterious,  "Could I ever share?"

Without hesitation a part of me took over, I could not control,

Straight over a bushel of Yellow Casaba melons I skipped,

as if I were floating on air

My eye's and yours held steady, as I tried to think of something to say

While in your hands, you held two delicious Smooth Cayenne pineapples, I tried not to stare

That is the exact moment when you stole my heart, for I watched as your lips began to move

Looking as fresh as the L'Amour strawberries picked in the early morning dew

With beautiful teeth, as white as the inside of a Nui Kafa, Polynesia coconut

My eye's were now locked onto your sweet, red, strawberry lips

Your eye's and mine now moved as one, looking into mine with a look as if you soo cared

And for hours we talked about all of the wonderful fruits and vegetables there

What we liked and how to cook and prepare them , oh what a time we had

Not a care in the world we seem to have, before we knew, the sun was setting

And suddenly we were at a loss for words,

So not wanting you to leave and never see you again, that is when I asked you,

I asked if....ah...ah Oh my, “Honey, what exactly did I say to you, at that wonderful produce stand?”

“Which time dear? We only went there every week, for fifty six years.”

“ Well, the first time is what I can never seem to remember.”

“Probably because you did not say a word, as I waited and waited and talked all night”

“Until finally I asked YOU, to Marry Me, and that is when you said, OK”

“Yep, that is the way it happened all right, and do you know what I am thinking right now?”

“What Dear?”

“I am thinking you are more beautiful than that first time I saw you. You in that light cotton dress with all them wonderful colors.”

“ Oh Dear, you still know how to win my heart.”

“Well Honey, that is easy, when you love someone”

“Oh Dear, I love you too!”

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