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"I'm Y/N"

He smiled and was about to say something when we heard a voice coming from behind us.

"Jack!" A blonde haired boy said as he ran up to us.

The blonde haired boy sat next to Gilinsky whispering something in his ear. I couldn't quite make out what they were talking about but I did hear a name, Sammy.

Suddenly Sammy came and sat on the other side of me,

"Thanks for not leaving me." I said while looking up at the sky.

"Oh shut up it was only for like 20 minutes!" He said as he took the drink out of my hand and took a sip from it.

"More like an hour." I said

Sammy looked at the cup and then back at me.


"It okay." I say while smiling and grabbing back the drink that was now empty.

"Well someone is happy." He said

"That's probably because I've had like 3 of these." I said holding up the cup.

He chucked at my comment.

"Well in that case we need to get you another drink!" He said while getting up and handing me his hand. I took hold of his hand and was about to leave with Sammy but then the blonde haired boy said something.

"Oooh Sam is getting it tonight!"

Sammy rolled his eyes

"Shut up Jack! She's just a friend."

"Sure she is."

"Wait your both Named Jack?" I asked looking at the two Jacks

"Yup! You can call me Johnson." The blonde haired boy said. I smiled and left to go back inside,

"So you want to same drink?"

Sammy asked as we were heading to the kitchen which now was full of people, some making out and some just passed out on the floor.


I waited for Sammy outside because it was too crowded.

"You enjoying the party?" Jack asked siting next to me.

"It's not that bad." I replied

Sammy then came around the corner and handed me the drink as he sat next to Jack. I could tell Sammy put some extra stuff in my drink because it hit me hard! Everything else from that point was just a big blur.


A/N Thank you so much for reading. This is my first Fanfiction I hope you guys like it so far!

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