Chapter 1: Chaos Errupts in Asgard

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I woke up to the sound of footsteps running back and forth outside my room.

"What is going on?" I asked myself As somebody knocked on my door.

"Who is it?!" I called out putting on my simple Asgardian armor. It had a silver chest protector with gold embellishments on it, and I wore green pants that matched my cape that I wasn't wearing at the moment.

"It's me Odin" the person who knocked on the door said.

"Come in" I replied to the person who took care of me after the death of my mother when i was 5 years old. Odin came in with a worried look in his eye. He only had one eye the other had an eye patch on it.

"What's wrong Odin?" I asked curiosity taking the best of me.

"Somebody has escaped Dallilia." was all Odin said. "What do you mean somebody escaped! Asgard has the best prison cells no one can escape!" I said with anger going through me.

"Not unless you are..." He stopped for a moment before saying "Loki The God of mischief..."

I felt mixed emotions I have heard of Loki before and what he has done in the past, but not enough to exactly understand why he was such a great threat. I also knew that this Loki had a brother, but Odin never really discussed anything about anybody with me because he had made a promise with my mother Lofn who was a goddess that comforted people and was very loving to everybody that he would not tell me who my father was even if I begged and pouted. I'm not sure why but there wasn't a day that went by without me thinking of who my father could be.

"Dallila Loki is a great threat to Asgard and Midgard." Odin told me in a calm voice

"What do you want me to do to help out with this Loki?" I asked him.

"Dallilia Loki is very dangerous and I won't do anything to risk your life." Odin said.

"But I know how to use my powers properly and to its full strength!" I argued. I was the Goddess of Earth I could control fire, water, wind, and earth (ground) not only that but I can make it appear in an instant with a snap of a finger.

"I know that Dallilia, but I love you to much to put you in a battle where hundreds will get killed trying to fight him." He argued back this time anger filled his voice.

"Then what are you going to do?!" I have lost my patience with this old man.

"I'm going to send you to Midgard to find your father..." He replied with a shaky voice

"My father?" I repeated. My heart skipped a beat at the word father. What will he look like? Will he accept me? Will he blow me off? All these questions popped into my head when suddenly my mind went blank and the only thing that I could remember is my mother telling me the features I have incorporated from my father...

"You have your fathers blue piercing eyes Dallila.. You also have a little bit of his personality which is loud and very determined to do things."

I stood up to go look in the mirror forgetting that Odin was there. I stood in front of it and saw a young looking Asgardian girl with long black wavy hair, a slim figure, and with blue piercing eyes like my mother had described them.

A minute or two passed by until Odin stood up and grabbed my shoulder.

"If it's to much for you to handle I won't send you to Midgard and we can put you in the safe house we have here." He said

"No, I want to go find my father once and for all. I just want to see him one time if that's what it takes." A tear of sadness and fear going down my cheek.

"Well then it's settled. We will take the horses and take them down the bridge to reach Heimdall and when we get there I will explain the rest but we have no time to waist right now." Odin said rapidly.

I quickly slipped on my boots and put my hair in a high ponytail. We then both headed out of my room. I took one last glance at my room. Who knows how long I'll be in Midgard?

We were walking at a fast pace. You could hear the blasts of guns under us and everywhere you turned were Guards running from side to side some even in need of medical help.

"This Loki is intense..." I thought to myself

We finally reached the gates and saw two horses one of them was a black stallion which belonged to Odin and mine was a white horse. Oh how I loved my horse that I named after my mother Lofn.

"Hi Lofn how you doing girl?" I greeted her, and of course I didn't get a response but I got a nudge to the ribs.

"Good to see you too.."

We then both got on our horses and rode off to the other end of the colorful bridge where Heimdall was located.

We finally got there after 2 minutes. My heart was beating at a fast pace. It has never beat so hard before I thought my heart was going to pop out onto the floor. Odin then finally spoke

"Okay Dallila here is what shall happen to you once you are sent and established in Midgard." He began to say "You will end up in what the mortals call an apartment you will live there until you have found your father or until the scandal with Loki has ended." He proceeded

"Okay..." Is all I said as he still needed to speak.

"You will be provided all the materials you need to survive in for about 3 months. You will still need to go find a job and blend in with the mortals."

Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

It's all I heard after until I heard


I was going to scream in profanity but I decided not to make any matters worse with what is already happening here in Asgard.

I just nod as he still continues to talk.

"Dallilia please take care of yourself out there. I love you from Midgard and back." He stared at me with his one good eye

"I love you too Odin..." I said truthfully

"Please call me grandfather..."

"WHAT?" Nothing else came out of his mouth and Heimdall gave me a warm smile and off I went to find my father...

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