Sooo, this page is pretty boring and mostly just for reference - since "da rules" are mentioned in the #Cloder contest guidelines, and will also be relevant for other Fandom Royalty positions...

But nonetheless, please feel free to vote if you love The Fates ^.^

Serious violations of da rules may possibly be punishable by expulsion from the fandom *gasp*  (Don't ask me how "expulsion" works, as I haven't quite figured that out yet! But it probably wouldn't be pretty!)  As far as I know, though, you all are awesome and nothing bad is going to happen :D


1. PLAY NICE. Please don't hate on each other... Please don't be a 'troll'... You can feel free to hate on fictional characters as much as you'd like, but when it comes to fellow fans, I hope you'll try to keep it friendly (or at least polite) :3

Hopefully common sense will suffice to draw the lines as to what's "nice" and what's not... I don't foresee any problems at all - since from what I know of my readership, y'all are fantastically nice people ^.^  But if any issues do arise, then I'll post more specific guidelines here :)

2. Be Mindful of SPOILER ETIQUETTE. Please try to be as sensitive as possible to the risk of spoilers, for those who haven't read as far as you!! Of course, I totally understand that sometimes spoilers can slip out accidentally, so no worries about that :)  This rule mostly applies to anyone who intentionally or recklessly ruins the reading experience for others, as by blabbing about big reveals, plot twists, etc.... But I can't imagine any of you doing that, so this shouldn't be an issue...

3. There Should Probably Be More Rules But I Can't Think of Any Right Now So, Like... Just Have Lots of Fun, You Guys!!! :D

Much luv to you all always!! ♥

P.S. The media image for this page is a photo of the real-life law school on which Sterling Law is based! The main building of that law school, depicted here, is called the "Sterling Law Building" ;)

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