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It all started at the library. I was with my friend Sam and Lexi and also with my parents. Then he walked in I swear my heart stopped. His group followed the odd thing was he was with Zach and a bunch of others. How could he be with them,he was so beautiful. Lexi looked over at me oddly I directed her eyes she saw him and nudged me like dude go get that before you die. She then saw Douglas and asked Sam and I to go with her to talk to him. I made up an excuse to not go over because Zach so I went to the mystery section of the library. Right when I got there I got a text saying your being followed don't mess up your words lol love you. I knew exactly what she was talking about. She was saying the guy was following me. I continued looking threw books when someone grabbed for the same one. I looked up and all I saw was a beautiful face staring into my eyes. I pulled my hand back and mumbled sorry you take the book i'll find another one. Due to me being awkward and embarrassed I started walking away but he grabbed my hand turning me around. "I'm Grant and you're adorable, wanna be friends." the guy said. "Umm thanks" I said blushing "and about being friends you seem really cool but I don't think Zach would like that very much he doesn't like his friends hanging with people who smoke so you better get back to him he must already be pissed your talking to me" I said to Grant almost in tears. "You honestly think I'm friends with Zach, Yeah no he's a little bitch that over reacts about fucking everything like he walked in on me doing a ritual and flipped shit, also why would I care if u smoke I do to" grant said pulling out a vape. "Oh well I gotta go my friend just signaled to me that were leaving" I said trying to walk off. "Can I at least get your number?" he asked powting. "Why don't you ask Zach he has it?" I said without turning back.

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