Masyn P.O.V


"He's been in there for ages." I say worriedly. Lukin pats my shoulder.

"It's only been two minutes." Lukin says trying to lighten the mood but see's the worry on my face. "He'll be fine Masy, I read his file. He's quite closed off but on the last page of his file, he's considered dangerous." he says with a slight frown.

"Dangerous? What do you mean page? How many pages does he have and what are on them?"

"Countless break-ins after his sister died. Attacks on his parents on more than one occasions.Affliated with human gangs, associations with theft. Damage to school property. Crimes like that, along with the other two."

"They're the same?"


I frowned. I knew they were troubled kids that got into trouble but I didn't think it was that bad.

I got a fright when Dad barked at me to stay put and everyone bolted out. The doors locked and then I was alone. Dark figures dashed towards the house and all I could do was watch.

It was dead silent then and I was waiting. The anticipation was killing me when I counted the seventeenth minute.

"Come on guys." I whispered to myself, bringing my knees up to my chest on the seat. I dare not move when I heard shuffling on the pavement behind the vehicle. I froze up. My breath hitched in my throat when someone stumbled onto my door and I let a little squeal.

Carter rested his arm on the SUV, panting and taking big gulps of air. He sported claws marks on his chest, his shirt shredded and bloody. Blood was spotted on his face and sweat dripped from him.

My heart raced in my chest which probably gave me away.coz through the heavily tinted windows, his eyes locked with mine. I bit down on my tongue to keep from screaming, blood pooled my mouth and I had to keep from gagging at the horrible metalic and salty taste.

It felt like my eyes popped out when he smiled darkly. "Hey kid." And broke off into a sprint.

At that moment I could see the malice and intimidation in Carters dull eyes when he looked at me. I was so in my own little world of 'What ifs?' that I screamed when my door flew open and Luci's face appeared in the faint orange light of the street lamps.

"Luci!" I exhaled the breath I struggled to keep in. I lurched forward and she caught me and pulled me out of the cab. I hugged her tight while tears warmed my cheeks.

"It's okay Masy." Luci stroked my hair and hushed me.

"What's wrong?" Morgans voice reached my ears but I didn't let Luci go or open my eyes.

"I don't know she just flew out of the SUV." she replied. "I'll take her home."

At that moment all I wanted to do was cry but then I realised why we were here. "Where's Pip?" I croaked and pulled back from Luci's arms.

A tight line formed on her lips. "She's in a pretty bad state Mace, she's on her way to Carmen."

"Take me to her." She nodded. I turned to Morgan and told him to help clean up and tell my parents I was going back to the pack house to see Pippa. Like always, he's reluctant but does it anyways.

The drive home was quiet and I hated it because Luci and I were never quiet. "Luci?" I say after I cried to myself halfway home.


"I'm sorry for what I said the other day. I didn't mean any of it." I said quickly, fumbling with my fingers on my lap.

She sighed. "It's okay Masyn. I forgive you." she patted my hands. I looked at her and she grinned at me.

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