Chapter 17 Should I Ask Him

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Alex P.O.V

After me and Harry's conversation last night he feel asleep before he could answer my question but I decided not to bother him about it. He has already done so much. I'm in the kitchen getting some tea Harry is still asleep and Luke went to Michael's again. We are going back to my house. I've been thinking of asking Harry to move in with me because Luke was going to move in with Michael but I'm still thinking about it. We haven't known each other for that long so I don't know if he would be comfortable. I feel two arms wrap around me and soft kisses down my neck.

"Morning Babe"

"Morning" I said with a small blush. It's been so long since I've had anyone. I'm still getting used to the feeling. To be honest it's the best feeling in the world. "What are you thinking about ?" I here Harry ask his head still propped on my shoulder. " Just your beautiful face" I say smirking and leaning into him. Oh are you now ?" I feel him move his arms away from my torso and start to tickle me. "HARRY! HARRY STOP!" I was laughing so hard I really did think I was going to pee.


"So what do you think of making my apartment our apartment" I said to myself in the shower practicing for when I have to say this out loud to him. "So do you want to live with me...shit to forward".... "I would love to". my body froze 'what the fuck did I just do' I thought to myself. Oh my gosh oh my gosh what just happened. I looked out of the curtain and felt a wave of relief it was just Luke."Dont scare me like that"
"Sorry I could imagine your face it was priceless"

"Ha. Ha. Very funny"

"So when are you going to ask him ?"

"Probably today...or tonight....or tomorrow I don't know! ugh are you okay with it ? I mean as of right now you do still live here"

"Definitely I would be okay with seeing Harry's bare torso every morning". I slapped his arm and laughed. "Umm could you not ? That would be great."

"Just saying.. I don't think I'm going to move in with Michael but we were talking about him moving in here with us ? Is that okay ?"

"Definitely I would be okay with seeing his muscular arms every morning" I say to get back at him and earn a slap to the arm as well.

"Nice comeback. Anyways I think it would be fun. At least until we get used to it here"

"Yeah I think so too. Plus I couldn't live with out you." He is like my brother so I was kind of sad that would be moving. But now that we decided this everything is better. And I have to watch him because hi is younger than me.

"I love you. You know that ?" he says I'm now dressed and he is sitting on the Lou and I'm doing my makeup.
"I know and I love you right back!" We laughed and then went back into our bedrooms to get our stuff for work. Harry was doing his writing on the couch so I gave him a goodbye kiss and quick hug and me and Luke left for work.

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