Chapter 13

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Mariah's P.O.V (becasue no one asked me to change it)

//Monday Morning//


I quickly opened my eyes and looked to the alarm clock. the time was 7 and I need to get ready. I slowly get up. Looking over to Darcy who was still sleeping I walk over to her and shake her arm.  "Darcy wake up ... we have to get ready" she doesnt do anything. I walk over to the wardrobe and get out my school clothes. Once I got changed I walked over to the dressing table. I only apply some mascara. "Hi" I jumped and looked over to the door ..... it was Aaron "You scared me" "Sorry ..... is darcy still sleeping" "yeah" Aaron walks over to the bed ans suddenly starts to jump up and down "Aaron fuck off" Darcy said I couldn't stop laughing then Darcy started throwing pillows "oi" Aaron shouts "Hey get ready for school you two... Mariah come downstairs for breakfast " Aaron's mother told us "Thankyou Mrs Johnson" "Oh please dont call me that you can called me mum" flashbacks started running though my mind .... I have never called anyone mum since my own mum. I remember her playing with my hair and playing dress-ups , going to the shops  having fun with my mum. I start to cry "Whats the matter Mariah" Aarons mother asked I looked to Aaron who had his eyes wide open and making a signal to his mum to stop talking (in this is us when louis was like .... (make signal to his mum) then she started nodding her head this clearly means no) (sorry) "Its ok Mariah ... im here for you" Aaron said hugging me . I wipe my tears "Sorry" "you dont have to be sorry you can call me Louise " 

After breakfast I take my phone and go on snapchat and check other peoples stories then shorty Aaron comes downstairs "come on lets go " He takes my hand while I grab my bag "How was your sleep?" Aaron asked "Fine what about yours" "Could be better" "How could of it been better?" "If you were there" I start to blush "After school meet in behind the sports shed" "um ok" 

Once we reached school straight away I saw Harry with im guessing sister. I grabed Aarons arm "Woah whats the matter" I move my head to Harry "Its ok your safe with me" We walked to class first I had Maths , english , humaities ,free period ,photography then sport. I take out my books and pencilcase I lock my locker "Hi" why do people love scarying me I looked to left and saw Harry "Um hi Harry" "Did you enjoy the party sorry I couldnt talk I had to talk to alot of people" what the hell , he doesnt remember "you dont remember" "remember what" "never..." "Get lost" Aaron tells him "Calm down bro and just talking to her" "I said GET LOST haven't you done enough" "Look I dont know what i have done , but I get 'lost'" Harry walks off "I really hate him" "Please dont . Pretend it never happen" "I cant pretend it never" "well try" i say a bit harsh and quickly walk to my class.


"Move the camera more Mariah ...... Focus Mariah  put the focus on" my teacher tells me "Im trying" all I couls think about was Aaron , why did i get angry at him .

//After School//

I walked to the sports shed and when through the bushes and waited and waited and waited. I got my phone from out of my pocket and called him 'pick up pick up" "hello ...... im busy right now..." it went start to voicemail. I started walking to Aarons house when I saw Aaron in the distance running towards me "Wait...... come on"Aaron said once he reached me "Aaron im sorry.." "shhhh" 

We went to the back of the shed "Aaron what are we doing here" "Mariah I have something to tell you" 

sorry its short but I could think of anything to write sorry 

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