Chapter 2

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  Bruises everywhere on this way too skinny corpse like being. Covered in bandages. A cast on her left leg, and on her right arm. I stand, taking in everything from the door way. Her inhumanly pale skin. Black hair, just like Mom's was. It's so long it goes down to the bottom of her bed, even past her feet, yet it's so thin. Malnutrition clear in her finger nails. What. The. Fuck. What has happened to my little sister?

        "Hello? Are you okay?" I heard a deep male voice say. I looked swiftly to my left and saw a man about an inch shorter than myself and probably in his mid forties standing next to me with a worried expression on his face. "huh? oh uh, yeah." I said, barely audible, snapping out of my shock. "Are you here for Miss Winter?" He asks me, an unreadable expression on his face, as he looks back and forth from me to her. "Yeah, I'm her brother." He nods and starts to walk toward the exit, then looks back at me. "Be careful with her, she's been through hell." He says quietly so only I can hear, and walks away.

        I walk stiffly towards the bed holding Lillia, and grab a chair on the way. I sit down next to my sister, and put my head in my hands. How did this happen? The doctor's words. Be careful with her, she's been through hell. They swirl in my head, while I close my eyes, but just keep on seeing the images on my little sister I had seen for the first time just minutes ago. What caused all of this? I hear something move next to me, and look up, seeing light blue eyes staring at me, fear and confusion clear in them. "Hey, I'm Alex." I say, giving her all I can manage of a smile. She smiles back a bit. It looks so genuine. How is it possible that both fear and happiness seem to be existing in her at the same time?

        "You're Lillia, correct?" I already know she's Lillia for a fact, but I feel like it would be slightly less creepy if I at least asked. Maybe. She looks at me for a minute, as if she isn't sure, then nods. "Yeah." Her voice so quiet it was barely audible, but I heard enough to know it sounds exactly like Mom's voice did. Though it is clear that she has a scratchy throat. That's only temporary. "Do you know who I am?" I ask, maybe her social worker will have told her about me. She shakes her head. I guess her social worker didn't tell her. I wish she had though, it would make this easier. How am I supposed to explain this to her? I took a deep breath, though it's almost as useless as when I had first walked in here. "Lillia, I'm your brother."

                        Lillia's POV

        "Lillia, I'm your brother." The boy, er, Alex? Says to me. Brother? I don't remember ever having a brother. I look at him, confused, hoping he'll explain. "Our parents were not able to afford to take care of two children, so when you were born, they gave you up for adoption. They believed it would be best for you." He pauses for a moment, then goes on. "They died in a car crash later on that day." He said, then showed me a scar on his left arm. "I survived with only this." But it wasn't better for me, it was worse, much worse. It's in the past, forget about all of that. New start, remember? I remind myself. That's right. It's over now. I'm going to live a normal life now. Let go of everything from the past. I nod, looking at the boy, Alex, who I guess is my brother. "You can live with me, if you want." Live with him? Instead of the orphanage? I don't know, it sounds nice to be with my brother, to see who he is, but what if he's like my foster parents were? Though he seems nice. Everyone I've met since leaving that house seems nice, how do I know everyone isn't like them? I guess with that logic, being at the orphanage would be worse with even more people to be around. "I live alone, and I go to college, so you might be by yourself quite a bit, but I just thought it might be nicer than the orphanage, and your social worker called me earlier telling me you were here." He lives alone? Goes to college? So I wouldn't have to be around people very much at all, just him. I nod. That does sound nicer. He smiles at me, this time it seems more real. I smile back too.

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