Here we are in da club with Atria, where DJ Fateful (aka Ahna & the Fatefuls) will be spinnin' tracks for The Fates!

Please vote if you love music like I do, or if you love The Fates, or both ^.^

So, as you may've noticed, each scene in Book I has a soundtrack. Below is the official playlist - in case you might want to check out the songs and download any that you like :)

Note: I often prefer instrumental versions of songs for the story playlist, whenever available, since I feel that those better accompany the reading experience. I've indicated instrumentals in parentheses :)

** And if you have suggestions of other songs that you think fit The Fates - or certain scenes, settings, characters, couples, etc. - scroll on to the next chapter!! The fun in da club continues with a page for playlists created by Fatefuls :) **

~~~ The Fates PLAYLIST ~~~

     EPISODE 1

1.1 (#Cloder + Charliese + vortex): "Give 'Em Hell" - Epic Score

1.2 (Cloe at Veriton, Commencement Day): "Intro" - The xx

1.3 (three Fates in the Cave): "I Have a Story" - Epic Score

1.4 (Atria + Golde brothers in the nightclub): "Stereo Love" - Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina (instrumental remix by DJ Beat'Em)

1.5 (Lacey + Madeline): "You Could Be Happy" - Snow Patrol (instrumental)

1.6 (#Cloder in the garden): "Please Forgive Me" - David Gray

1.7 (Fates + Ananke in the Cave): "Nara" - E.S. Posthumus

1.8 (Ryder + Noelle; Cloe + Silvia): "All I Want" - Kodaline (instrumental)

1.9 (#Axria): "Whataya Want From Me" - Adam Lambert (instrumental)

1.10 (#Dacey): "Use Somebody" - Laura Jansen (cover of original by Kings of Leon)

1.11 (Cloe + Prof + Charliese): "Happy Ending" - Mika (instrumental)

1.12 (Ananke sends Fates to earth): "The Time Has Come" - Epic Score

1.13 (#Cloder's first encounter): "Rising Dawn" - Audiomachine (no choir version)

     EPISODE 2

2.1 (#Cloder in the camp): "Maya" - Audiomachine

2.2 (chez Weaver): "Soul Meets Body" - Vitamin String Quartet (instrumental cover of original by Death Cab for Cutie)

2.3 (Ronan's death): "Kettering" - The Antlers

2.4 (Lachesis at Stonehenge): "Young & Beautiful" - Lana Del Rey (instrumental)

2.5 (Cloe + Tom): "Consequence" - The Notwist

2.6 (Atria in Egypt): "Blood and Glory" - Audiomachine (no choir version)

2.7 (#Cloder in the camp): "Your Hand In Mine" - Explosions In the Sky

2.8 (chez Weaver): "Any Other World" - Mika (Instrumental)

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