“How is she?” Minseok asks his father, who is standing by the injured and sleeping figure of Xianzi. He walks beside his father.

“I already got her memories” the son nods at his father. “And I want you to keep it for me”

“But abeoji----arasseo… I’ll keep it in a safe place. However, Junki…”

“He has been caged and he won’t be able to get out of there even he’ll use all his strengths”


Kris arrives at the balcony of Cheonsa and Yeji’s room; he used his telekinetic ability to open the door and entered silently.

 He walks to Cheonsa which was on bed, sleeping soundly like she was having a very good dream. However when he sat on her bed, she suddenly grunted like she was hurt and in pain.

‘What are you dreaming about?’ he thought, slowly resting his palm on her cheek. ‘Is it bad---?’

In there, he saw himself talking over the phone. “I-I think we need to break up… I just thought you and I aren’t fit for each other... You don’t fit my kind; you’re a low kind unlike me. That’s the problem”

In just a snap, he saw Cheonsa crying, “Andwae… This is not happening. Maldo andwae…” she kept on murmuring while shaking her head and tears streaming down her face without her knowing.

He untouched her face, drifting back to reality. A tear slid down her face and he wiped it immediately, leaning closer to her sleeping face.

‘This is going to be hard… Wo ai ni, wo ai ni, wo ai ni’ he kept on saying in his mind while slightly stroking her cheek with his nose tip.

‘I’ll give you a week with her; I hope you’ll soon have the guts to tell her on the end of the week given. I’m sorry this has to be done, Kris. Abeoji is not the kind that would punish anyone close to us, instead the opposite’ Luhan says over the phone.

“Andwae” Cheonsa suddenly breathed out, waking up from her dream---nightmare. Kris squeezed her hand that’s when she realized his presence, “H-How---”

“Wolf skills” he smiled at her. “Seems like you dreamt bad”

She gulps and nods, “You… broke my heart”

He frowns, pretending. “In what way? Cheating?”

She shook her head while saying, “Ani… I think not, it was because I just don’t fit you, your kind”

Kris leaned his back against the headboard and pulled her close to him, cuddling her in the process. He breathed in her hair’s scent, “I won’t promise to be with you always but… remember, I will always love you, okay?”

“Are you going somewhere?” she started playing with his huge right hand. “Can’t you bring me with you?”

“Aigoooo~ don’t think much about it, alright? Now sleep, I’ll cuddle you ‘till then” he changed the topic and kissed her temple.

He received a mumble from her and she closed her eyes. Minutes later, she fell asleep.

Kris sighs, “Remember what I told you, okay? Never forget that”


“Guess who~?!” Kris cooed, covering her eyes.

Cheonsa giggled, “Uhmm…” she hummed seems thinking. “Yi-----xing oppa?” she teased.

He growls lowly, uncovering her eyes, and sits on the bench with her. Kris playfully rests his head over hers, “You prefer Yixing instead of me?”

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